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    29 Pet Products From Amazon That Are Inexpensive Solutions To Potentially Expensive Problems

    Saved by the bell...or couch cover.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A furniture protector that will deter pets from using your couch as their personal scratching post. It's a simple way to avoid having expensive furniture reupholstered.

    A reviewer's cat with the furniture protector

    2. A scratching pad with a grooming tool for the pet parent who's constantly buying toys that are either ignored for weeks or destroyed within days. It's made of a sturdy material and is sure to last longer than some of the other scratchers your cat may have been in contact with.

    A reviewer's cat with the scratching pad

    3. A cat tower because if your cat is like mine, they always want to be on the highest surface, which is, likely, the kitchen counter or somewhere else they shouldn't be. This is a great way to give them their own space and ensure they get all the entertainment that they need.

    The cat tower in light gray

    4. A washable dog bed so you'll never have to experience waking up in the night to a wet bed. We all like to have our fuzzy friends sleep with us, but if they're still being potty trained, this may not be a reality we'd like to face.

    The washable dog bed with the reviewer's dog

    5. A dental care solution that almost any pet could use. Skip the expensive yearly cleanings and prolong your pet's dental health with this awesome product.

    The dental care solution for pets

    6. A frontline flea and tick treatment for the pet owner who knows the best defense is a good offense. It's a solution to a problem before it even begins!

    The frontline flea and tick treatment

    7. An odor eliminator because replacing rugs and furniture is a lot more expensive than this. It can remove virtually any stain or scent and you'll be grateful you gave it a try - especially if you have carpets!

    Reviewer's before-and-after of pee stain on white rug and then 95% clean

    8. A patio sliding glass door for pets so pet owners can rest easy knowing their animals have access to the bathroom without waking them in the night. Installing doggie doors can be expensive and this helpful product is cost-efficient and makes installation simple.

    The patio sliding glass door for pets

    9. A water fountain that will encourage your pet to stay hydrated and stop knocking over water glasses. If you've lost many a glass cup and bowl to the pet cause, then this is for you.

    The stainless steel water fountain

    10. A pet food storage container for the person who needs to ward off pests or just keep food fresh. Buying one of these is a lot less expensive than replacing a huge bag of pet food.

    The pet food storage container

    11. An electric nail trimmer because there's nothing worse than scratched hardwood floors. If you've ever heard the sound of pets skidding across the floor, you'll know how essential this item is.

    Reviewer holding nail clipper in front of two dogs

    12. A foldable exercise pen so you won't have to worry about your pet escaping to parts of the house they shouldn't be in. Pets are destructive but there's no reason to let them go ripping up shoes and other precious items every time you turn around.

    The foldable exercise pen in black metal

    13. A portable potty trainer that is a great way to teach your pets the way to go to the bathroom. It's much cheaper than replacing all of your rugs, we promise!

    The portable potty trainer

    14. A seat protector for the person with leather upholstery. It's a cost-effecient way to keep nail marks out of your car seats.

    The seat protector

    15. A self-cleaning litter box because if you're constantly running out of plastic bags to scoop litter into, this is for you. It's cost-effective and eco-friendly.

    The self-cleaning litter box in white and purple

    16. A tall stainless steel bowl holder so your pet can eat at their prefered height, causing less neck and back issues down the road.

    The tall stainless steel bowl holder

    17. An automatic pet feeder that is a great substitute for a pet sitting (for a night). If you dread going away over night because it means money lost, than this is just the thing for you.

    The automatic feeder

    18. A wifi pet camera for the person who wants to keep an eye on their pet's behavior. It'll help you pinpoint the source of their stress and, therefore, their destructive tendencies so you can cut things off at the source.

    The wifi pet camera in white

    19. A pack of Greenies dental dog treats because it's a lot cheaper than a teeth cleaning. All dog's gums and teeth worsen with age, like us, but you can put in place preventative measures to slow that down.

    The dental dog treats

    20. A spray dog and cat deterent so your animals will stay well within their zone. Broken Christmas ornaments and trinkets can be traumatic enough without the added cost factors.

    The spray dog and cat deterent

    21. A pack of stain removers that resolve the issue of dirt, pee, and other things pets track in staining your carpets. This miracle product will leave your items good as new so you can buy less.

    The stain remover

    22. A bottle of pure salmon oil for the pet who could use a little joint lubrication.

    The bottle of pure alaskan salmon oil

    23. A set of foldable pet stairs because going to the chiropractor after lifting a heavy dog is not money well spent. Eliminate the pain and cost.

    The set of foldable pet stairs

    24. A heated pet bed so your animals can rest in comfort and you won't break the bank on the heating bill. No matter how cold your enviornment, you can ensure your pets stay nice and toasty.

    The heated pet bed

    25. A trunk liner for pets that is sure to prevent leaks and dirt from getting all over your car. It's perfect for road trips and won't leave you needing a major car wash.

    The trunk liner for pets

    26. A Furminator for the person who wants to skip all the trips to the groomer. Take your pet's winter shedding into your own hands this year.

    The furminator in purple

    27. A laser cat toy because time is money and you're likely spending your time working. If your cat needs constant play time and you can't hire a sitter every time you go away for more than a few hours, this is your new best friend.

    The laser cat toy

    28. An orthopedic dog bed so you can ensure your pup has a comfortable sleep no matter their age. Plus, it's great at preventing trips to the vet because they're less likely to tweak their muscles.

    The orthopedic dog bed

    29. A dog lift harness that is perfect for hoisting older dogs into the car or for stress-free nail trimmings.

    The dog lift harness in blue

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