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    All The Best Deals At Wayfair Right Now

    Up to 75% off on items including Le Creuset tea kettles, closet systems, accent furniture, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    If you're looking to spice up your home environment without breaking the bank, Wayfair has you covered with up to 70% off everything from kitchen appliances to home.

    1. 56% off a six-pair stackable shoe rack to hold accessories, clothing, and everything in between.

    The white shoe rack holding sneakers, sandals, and loafers

    2. 71% off a 400 thread count striped sheet set, because what's better than feeling like you're sleeping on a cotton candy cloud at night?

    The sheets in blue stripe on a bed

    3. 35% off a three-piece skillet set that is perfect for the multifaceted cook that always has their hand in a different pot. I can already picture your new frittatas, pastas, and even brownies.

    The three skillets being used for a pasta dish

    4. 43% off a utility fabric basket so you can store, well, everything at an incredible price. Put it in the closet and call it a laundry basket or at the foot of the bed to keep some extra blankets close by in the winter. Plus, its woven detail is super cute.

    The basket

    5. 67% off a button pillow made of cushy crushed velvet that's ideal for the interior design–obsessed shopper.

    The button pillow in purple

    6. 25% off a velvet slipper chair to add a funky touch to your home decor. It's perfect for dozing off, working on your laptop, or being used as that one chair no one ever sits in because it's for the *ambiance*.

    The yellow accent chair

    7. 47% off a contemporary accent mirror perfect for the mid-century modern obsessed shopper looking to add a little life to their home environment.

    The mirror being used as a vanity

    8. 75% off a cooling memory foam pillow so you can mold your pillow perfectly to your head and your dreams.

    The memory foam pillow

    9. 29% off a three-piece coffee table set, because it's three times the fun.

    The coffee table set in a light wood

    10. 30% off a Le Creuset enamel kettle for tea enthusiasts who could always use another cup. It pairs perfectly with hot coco and a fuzzy blanket in the winter, too.

    The tea kettle in white

    11. 42% off an under-bed storage set that's ideal for the organization-obsessed person with simply too much stuff. Don't let your passion for order get lost in your pile of unfolded clothes.

    The storage set with handles to pull out, under a bed

    12. 61% off an Andover Mills end table so you'll always have a place to put your coffee while working from home (or WFC — working from couch).

    The side table in white being used as a vase holder

    13. 56% off a cookware and bakeware set for the quarantine cook that's gotten a little too much use out of their pans as of late. This 12-piece set is nonstick for a no muss, no fuss clean-up.

    Ayesha Curry using several of the pots and pans from the set

    14. 21% off a hypoallergenic mattress cover that protects from dust mites and water damage. This may be one of those items you've been considering for a while, and now that this deal has come along, there's not much left to think about!

    The mattress protector being used on a bed

    15. 45% off a shoe storage bench, because the more shoes the merrier has always been our motto. With a deal like this, you'll be tempted to go out and buy more shoes just to store in here — and it just might pay for itself.

    The shoe storage bench

    16. 43% a five-piece non-stick bakeware set so you'll never have to worry if you don't have that one shaped pan ever again because you'll already have them all.

    The chocolate-colored bakeware set being used to make cookies

    17. 74% off a reversible quilt for those that like to eat in bed and occasionally drop some crumbs...or a whole bag of chips.

    The reversible quilt on a bed

    18. 48% off a total closet system that's perfect for the apartment or home without closet space.

    The closet system made of wood and stainless steel

    19. 19% off an outdoor three-piece bistro chair set, because nothing says summer like the perfect little outdoor area to eat fresh salads and grilled foods.

    The blue bistro chair set on a deck

    20. 35% off a mini-sun beach chair so you'll always have a reminder that lugging your stuff to the beach isn't as arduous of a task as it sounds in the moment. You'll be able to sit down and relax as soon as you find the perfect little patch of sand.

    Two cream-colored beach chairs

    21. 39% off a throw blanket for the blanket aficionado who loves a deal, especially on something that fits in the cozy category.

    The blanket in yellow draped across a bed

    22. 61% off a steamer pot that's stackable, nonstick, and dishwasher- and oven-safe. What more could you want out of a pot?

    The water drainage function being used in the steamer pot

    23. 52% off a 14" bed skirt because we love a cute skirt, especially when it ups our bed game. Truth be told, that's where we've been spending most of our time these days.

    The bed skirt being used on a bed

    24. 52% off a stackable shoe rack that's ideal for the major shopaholic — this guy holds up to 50 pairs and creates a perfect display for your masterpieces. I can personally attest to its quality.

    The tall shoe rack

    25. 25% off a chic soap dispenser, because there's no reason your kitchen shouldn't look just as polished as you. You'll put it to good use just about every darn day.

    Reviewer's photo of the glass soap dispenser

    26. 43% off a bean bag chair for the shopper who loves a deal as much as they love to be cozy. Unleash your inner child and bring yourself right back to sixth grade with this perfect addition to any den, bedroom, or living area.

    The bean bag chair in blue

    27. 29% off a four-piece bathroom accessory kit that is sure to immediately upgrade any space.

    The bathroom set being used to hold soap and a tooth brush

    28. 50% off a green-tea infused mattress topper for those that take their morning matcha extremely seriously. Plus, it's memory foam so you can feel rest assured you're getting the best sleep possible.

    The mattress topper

    29. 40% a nonstick frying pan with a lid, because if there's anything quarantine has taught us it's that we should definitely be able to make fries at home.

    The pan being used to cook chicken and greens

    30. 29% off a tissue box cover that will bring any old tissue to life and help curate a living environment that has your special touch.

    The multi-textured, animal print tissue box

    31. 30% off a plastic folding Adirondack chair for anyone who just isn't quite ready to let go of summer. It's perfect for reclining in the sun or reading on the porch during the fall which, sadly, is rapidly approaching.

    The white plastic outdoor chair on a deck

    Be sure to check out the rest of their impressive weekly deals!

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