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    • averagejoe33

      I’m born and bred in the UK, however, I prefer living in Bulgaria. The food, the climate, the lovely people, the laid-back life, the lack of stupid health & safety rules, the feeling of being alive, GM crops are banned, fracking is banned. The diverse beautiful scenery, the wildlife… Nanny-state UK citizens who sneer down at Bulgaria really need to get out of the house and usual routine more, open their eyes, wake up, stop letting the controlled media tell you how to think. Experience it for yourself. Bulgarian people are very loving persons who love their country and nationality. The vast majority of the younger generation have university degrees. UK is a “cold wet dark and damp country” I love Bulgaria, I loved UK. Staying positive we can once again become GREAT Britain… cos just face it, it’s not so Great afterall. Feels like a country that is shutting down, at least in Bulgaria everything is improving. Quality of life in the UK has dwindled to the poverty line.

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