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Choosing Between "Squid Game" And "Money Heist" Will Be Super Easy For Anyone Who Actually Knows Great Television

Please make me win!!

So my friend and I got into this huge argument about which is better: Squid Game or Money Heist. He wouldn't agree when I told him that I respect his opinion and that he should respect mine, but he didn't, and it broke into a fight. Therefore, here I am making a poll on which show would get the most votes.

I'm keeping who said what anonymous. One of us said that Money Heist was boring and Squid Game was thrilling and had a great plot twist. It also has more popularity and has a lot of views, while Money Heist was just about a heist, and it was, well, cliché.

The other one said Money Heist is better as it has a better storyline, is written and planned perfectly, and has better developed characters. Squid Game's story with games being played and people dying was repetitive and could've been created by a child. Moreover, even if Squid Game got the fastest views, Money Heist (despite being old) is still in the Top 10 spot on Netflix.