The wonderful world of cars is always loaded with great stories, interesting images, and amazing videos. Here, we will show many of these and link to the best automotive content on the Internet.
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  • 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C: Hot And Sexy

    As a high end sports car the 4C from Alfa Romeo is everything car lovers dream of when they are thinking of a great super car. With sexy and sleek lines, a shape that looks like it should be reserved for the track and a serious amount of power and performance this car will absolutely make heads spin as it screams on by. After a long drought in America, the 4C will be the first mainstream Alfa sold in the states since the mid 1990’s and offer shoppers a European option they might otherwise not be afforded making this a great car for those who can afford the price tag.

  • Crossover Vehicles With The Best Gas Mileage

    Crossover SUVs have become a class of vehicle that is extremely popular. These vehicle offer owners the opportunity to enjoy towing capabilities, off road performance, and a great styling that allows owners to not have to buy a minivan when a crossover SUV will do the job. Because this category has become a standard for families and is highly popular with the younger and more affluent generation of vehicle shoppers more crossovers are being sold now than ever before. One consideration to help owners not have to make a stop at gas stations as often is ensuring their crossover is on this list of crossovers that get the best gas mileage.

  • SUVs For 2015 That Drivers Desire

    An SUV provides an owner with a lot of options when getting ready to head out for the day. Their versatility means a driver can carry passengers, gear, tow a trailer, head off the pavement or just enjoy the ride in a great looking vehicle. As a multi-functional class of vehicle knowing which ones to look for in the upcoming model year will help anyone who is ready to buy a new SUV with their vehicle shopping. Here are ten that already have had a great deal of consumer interest paid to them and will lead the way for the new model year.

  • The Kinder, Gentler Car Dealer Of Today

    For decades, car dealers have been viewed through a negative lens in the eyes of retail customers. They are often viewed as deceptive and always on the hunt for people to rip off. The combination of the Internet and a trend towards transparency has brought the modern car dealership into a realm of good business practices. It’s not as profitable as it once was, but being a car dealer today is more honorable than ever before. From clear pricing through sites like TrueCar to straight-forward automotive advertising, the most successful dealerships today have embraced the digital age and become beacons of integrity within their communities.

  • 2014 Volvo XC60: Stand Out With Style, Luxury, And Safety

    As the only crossover SUV in the Luxury Class to achieve a perfect five star crash test rating, the 2014 Volvo XC60 is a great SUV that offers a full complement of luxury features as well as a plentiful allotment of safety features. Taking notice of the crash test rating the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has sought fit to award the XC60 with their Top Safety Pick Plus Award for 2014. According to NJ Volvo, having a reputation that is built on safety, this is still a great achievement for Volvo which offers a great SUV to allow owners some individuality with the vehicle.

  • 2014 Lincoln MKZ: Certainly Not Grandma’s Lincoln

    With older squared off edges and a very long and utilitarian feel, the Lincoln’s of yesteryear felt like cars befitting the older generations as a sign of retirement and a need for comfort and luxury. With the MKZ, Lincoln has dispelled any feeling of what a Lincoln used to be and now offers an excellently styled, entry-level luxury car that made the Auto Trader list of one of the top seven entry-level luxury cars for 2014.

  • 10 Hottest Cars From The Geneva Motor Show

    The very thought of narrowing it down to 10 cars at a show the size of the Geneva Motor Show is pretty much a lost cause. There are 50 deserving to be in the top 10, but who wants to see a top 50 list? Of note as a brand was Aston Martin, who won the show as a whole despite not appearing in the top 10. For better or for worse, we’ve looked at hundreds (maybe thousands) of images that have been flooding the internet over the last few days and these are our faves. Rip into them if you want. Otherwise, enjoy…

  • Land Rover’s Discovery Teaser Video: Cool Or Just Strange?

    Land Rover has maintained a strong (albeit obscure) reputation in the automotive industry for years. They have always known their boundaries and they never cross them. A Land Rover buyer is a Land Rover buyer, so there hasn’t really been a need to do much advertising or promotions. When the do get into marketing mode, it’s normally very safe and classy. Their latest teaser video for the Geneva Motor Show takes them out of the comfort zone. It’s cool. It’s strange. It’s both, in our humble opinion, but it might just be one or the other.

  • Stars And Their Cars

    As lifestyle choices go, our public addiction to the stars of Hollywood and music expands well beyond what they’re wearing or how they cut their hair. The cars they drive keep us enthralled as well they should. After all, it’s a connection. Halle Berry driving the same Lexus RX350 or Brad Pitt in the same Chevy Camaro that we drive gives us something to feel proud about, even brag about to our friends. In this infographic from Yahoo, we get to see exactly what some of the biggest stars of Hollywood use to get to the grocery store.

  • 7 Vintage Honda Ads

    It’s hard to imagine a world where Honda had to fight for the attention of buyers and even sellers in the automotive world, but that’s exactly where we were in the 70s and very early 80s. This changed quickly thanks in part to high gas prices and in part due to reliability standards by the early- to mid-80s as the brand was hard to keep on the lot. These vintage images compiled by Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas give us a nice perspective on the way things were back then.

  • The 2014 Chevy Corvette C7 Stingray Has Curves In All The Right Places

    It has been 46 years in the making, but we are finally on the verge of having the next Stingray. Very few were disappointed and one might contend that those who claim to have been disappointed were going to say that regardless of what the Stingray manifested itself as this time. Here are some images of the hot ride compiled by Denver Chevrolet that show this beast and the curves that make it stunning.

  • 30 Years Of Honda Accords In Action

    The Honda Accord has been a part of American and world driving culture for a long time. Over the last three decades, it has seen many versions and millions of owners, but it is somehow able to stay at the top, almost indefinitely.

  • The Mid-50s Ford F-100 Was A Mean Ride

    Today, trucks are often big, tall, and useful. That’s not how they’ve always been. There was a time when a great truck has a small bed, a low profile, and a length not much longer than a car. That doesn’t make them any less mean. In fact, if you check out these trucks compiled by Wisconsin Ford Dealers, it’s clear that the 50s produced trucks that were as mean (and awesome) as they come.

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