Video Game Designers Create A Real Life Mountain Bike Track

With 48,000 square feet of awesome design, there’s even space for beginners.

1. To mountain bikers, Portland, Oregon is a haven for obstacles to conquer.

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always permit for outdoor mountain biking year-round.

2. For biking all year long, the “Lumberyard” was designed.

Will Heiberg, a former artist and producer for Liquid Development came up with the idea for this amazing indoor mountain biking facility.

3. Before it was built, the entire facility was designed with video game software.

The same design software used in the games Halo and Mass Effect 2 created this indoor creation. Heiberg created the preliminary plan in Autodesk Maya and then dropped it into Unreal Engine to focus on more of the design. more of the factors into the design.

4. The park can now be used year round with all of the best obstacles.

5. Plans for expansion involve adding another 20,000 square feet of obstacles and park to ride in.

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