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5 Projects That Are Revitalizing Old Structures

Check out these 5 great examples of city landmarks from around the world that are being transformed for the better.

Autodesk 4 years ago

A Paraplegic's Unforgettable Opening Kick At The World Cup

The international Walk Again Project team used neuroscience, technology and 3D printing to make the impossible, possible at the big match.

Autodesk 5 years ago

Stormtroopers Doing Everyday Things

Artists Brian Michael and Joel Erkkinen used the force and Autodesk Maya to place these stormtroopers into everyday situations.

Autodesk 5 years ago

18 Traits Of An Urban Biker

Getting around on two wheels in urban environments poses some unique design challenges. We studied urban bikers to learn about their peculiar traits.

Autodesk 5 years ago

5 Ways Young Designers Are Changing Architecture

The first generation of digital natives are becoming professional architects. Young designers like Nate Holland, a digital practice leader with global architecture firm NBBJ, are changing the profession. Here are 5 ways that Holland, whose firm does striking and cutting-edge corporate headquarters for companies like Google, Amazon, Tencent and Samsung, approaches the job differently.

Autodesk 5 years ago

5 Rules These Oscar Nominated Filmmakers Didn't Follow

Director Mark Gill and Producer Baldwin Li broke quite a few rules along the way to their Academy Award nomination.

Autodesk 5 years ago

New Bobsled Design Sets The Ice On Fire

BMW teamed up with the USA Olympic team to design a lighter and faster bobsled.

Autodesk 5 years ago

4 Surprising Facts About How These "Big Game" Commercials Were Made

Learn about the visual effects used in some of your favorite commercials.

Autodesk 5 years ago

New Weather Tech Designed For The Big Game

Guaranteed to blow you away.

Autodesk 5 years ago

9 Stunning Architectural Images: Rendering Or Reality?

The boundaries between photographs and digital renderings are blurred. See if you can guess which of these images are rendering or reality!

Autodesk 5 years ago

10 Design Trends For 2014

Autodesk asked some of our friends and leading thinkers throughout the world about what design trends and predictions they have for the new year.

Autodesk 5 years ago

9 Stunning Before & After Images From Around The World

Amateur photographers from around the world gave these images the special effects treatment in the Pixlr Snap, Style & Share competition.

Autodesk 5 years ago

13 Awesome Digital Creations From 2013

2013 was a great year for digital designers, artists, architects, engineers and more.

Autodesk 5 years ago

7 Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

Not sure what to get this year? Unleash your crafty side and let loose on these homemade present ideas.

Autodesk 5 years ago

5 High Tech Music Concerts From 2013

The stage design for these live performances will leave you amazed.

Autodesk 5 years ago

Mini F1 Cars From Around The World

38 teams from around the world designed, constructed and raced the fastest miniature versions of the F1 Car of the Future.

Autodesk 5 years ago

Our Favorite Part Of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The gap between technology and fashion is shrinking and we're excited about it.

Autodesk 5 years ago

Visit The Smithsonian From Your Couch (or Classroom)

Some of the most iconic artifacts at the Smithsonian are now accessible to you in 3D.

Autodesk 5 years ago

13 Pumpkins Too Good To Smash

Get those pumpkin carving tools ready.

Autodesk 5 years ago

Awesome Dad Creates 3D World For His Kids

Seriously, the coolest dad ever.

Autodesk 6 years ago