This Amazing Use Of 3D Printing Will Make Your Day

Doctors are pushing the limits of this technology. (Via CNN)

1. Six week old Kaiba was diagnosed with a rare obstruction in his lungs called bronchial malacia.

Before the diagnosis he stopped breathing daily.

Gionfriddo Family / Via

2. Out of options, doctors tried something that hasn’t been done before

Using 3D modeling and a 3D printer, doctors designed and created a splint made out of biological material that carved a path through Kaiba’s blocked airway.

Gionfriddo Family/University of Michigan / Via

3. The material used for the splint naturally dissolves over three years

Polycaprolactone (PCL), the material used for this splint, is also used for filling in areas left open from skull surgery.

University of Michigan / Via

4. Kaiba’s doctors want to help others with the same technique

The doctors are optimistic to start clinical trials in a larger patient population within the next two years.

University of Michigan / Via

5. 18 months after the surgery, Kaiba is now 21 months old and able to breathe on his own.

Gionfriddo Family / Via

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