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    New Weather Tech Designed For The Big Game

    Guaranteed to blow you away.

    What does wind look like?

    And, who cares?

    Air in motion impacts nearly everything around us

    Visualizing wind can help city designers understand how air might flow through a landscape of skyscrapers.

    It all comes down to aerodynamics

    Virtual wind tunnels can help design planes, trains, and automobiles for speed and efficiency.

    There was no wind to see on Sunday, but this is what the new weather tech looks like

    View this video on YouTube

    FOX Sports and Autodesk teamed up to create FOX Weather Trax. If the wind is blowing, you can now see how it is impacting the game.

    Where would you like to see the wind flow?

    Learn more about Autodesk Flow Design.

    Learn more about FOX Weather Trax.

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