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    Introducing NASA’s First Space Station On Earth

    NASA has employed space age technology and sustainable design for their Sustainability Base located in Moffett Field, California.

    The lights only need to be turned on approximately 40 days a year. / Via

    The way that the building is orientated, artificial indoor light will only be needed approximately 40 days out of the year and the rest of the year it will only use natural light.

    Engineers installed the same water treatment system that can be found on the International Space Station. / Via

    A system at the Sustainability Base will treat waste water and recycle it to flush the toilets and urinals, the same system that was installed on the International Space Station.

    NASA estimates that it will produce a surplus of power. / Via

    Due to the solid oxide fuel cell on the base coupled with the solar panels and wind turbines at the facility, this NASA base is expected to produce an annual surplus of power.

    The Sustainability Base has 5,000 sensors that make it a "smart" building. / Via

    5,000 sensors throughout the building will open windows at night to let cool air in, adjust the building's temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide as well as the light and noise levels.

    These sensors will allow every employee to have their own individual LCD dashboard of how much energy they're using.

    It will use 75% less energy than most regular buildings. / Via

    The modeling and design in programs such as Revit made it possible for this building to use 75% less energy and 90% less potable water than regular code-built structures.

    Check out this full video by NASA explaining all of the amazing tech in the facility.

    View this video on YouTube / Via
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