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    A Paraplegic's Unforgettable Opening Kick At The World Cup

    The international Walk Again Project team used neuroscience, technology and 3D printing to make the impossible, possible at the big match.

    A 29 year old paraplegic kicked off the opening match of the 2014 World Cup


    An international consortium called The Walk Again Project, led by a pioneering Brazilian neuro-engineer Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University, developed this project which allowed a paraplegic man to perform the ceremonial first kick of the World Cup.

    A brain-controlled mechanical bodysuit (exoskeleton) allowed him to stand up from the wheelchair

    Walk Again Project / Via

    The man was able to walkout on the pitch and kick the first ball of the match

    Walk Again Project / Via

    To control the exoskeleton, the adult wore a cap that captures brain signals and transmits them to the suit

    Walk Again Project / Via

    Using 3D scans of his head, the team at CSU custom designed a liner, a crucial part of the design


    The Colorado State University (CSU) Idea 2 Product Laboratory jumped in to help, designing a helmet liner that would be able to protect the important brain signal-capturing electrodes that control this mechanical exoskeleton.

    The liner was 3D printed so that the helmet could fit precisely

    The cap had to be comfortable yet rigid


    The liner had to protect the electrodes from any movement so that there would be no interruption to the brain signals, yet comfortable enough that he would not overheat in the hot Brazilian sun.

    The future of prosthetics is now changing

    Colorado State University Ideas 2 Product Laboratory / Via

    Learn more about this project

    View this video on YouTube

    Autodesk is proud to be a founding donor of the Colorado State University Ideas 2 Product Laboratory.

    Learn more about Ideas 2 Product Laboratory.

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