5 Design Projects That Are Changing The World

These projects use powerful design to impact communities in need all over the world.

1. The BioLite Home-Stove converts waste heat into electricity while cooking

This stove is being used in pilot programs in India, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda.

BioLite Home Stove / Via biolitestove.com

2. Butaro Hospital, a building that heals

This hospital, designed by MASS Design Group and located in the rural Burera district of Rwanda, has an innovative design that maximizes airflow to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.

3. The Umubano Primary School in Kigali

This school, designed by MASS Design Group, has unique settings for learning with a mix of interior rooms, exterior teaching areas, and terraced play spaces for children.

4. The ReMotion Knee helps get people moving

D-Rev: Design Revolution produces health devices for people living on less than $4 a day.

One of their projects is the ReMotion Knee, a prosthetic knee with a greater range of motion and durability than other expensive prosthetic knees.

D-Rev: Design Revolution / Via d-rev.org

5. The Brilliance phototherapy device treats newborn jaundice in developing countries

(also D-Rev: Design Revolution)

Learn more about the Autodesk Technology Impact Program and the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program that provide software donations to nonprofits and clean technology start ups, in support of their use of design to create a better world.

See the BioLite HomeStove, ReMotion Knee and the Butaro Hospital exhibits in person at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.

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