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18 Traits Of An Urban Biker

Getting around on two wheels in urban environments poses some unique design challenges. We studied urban bikers to learn about their peculiar traits.

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1. Slip-on shoes are all the rage. Shoelaces and bike chains don’t play well together.

2. Grease stains mark the insides of rolled up pant legs

3. The clicking sound of bike shoes walking down the hall is used announce their arrival into the office each morning.

4. They stash bike locks at various locations around the city to prevent having to carry them.

5. They walk around with thier pant leg rolled up half the day.

6. They check the weather report before getting out of bed to see how strong the wind is – curse you, headwinds!

7. Commute time is determined in miles, not minutes.

8. A well-practiced, distinct whooping noise helps them avoid getting hit by car doors.

9. They purposefully keep thier bike dirty to avoid theft. Clean bikes seem to always mysteriously disappear.

10. They know the roads that have rail lines and avoid them at all costs.

11. Their favorite color is reflector yellow – safety first, right?

12. They make their own coffee holders to fit their handle bars.

13. They use bike fenders to keep themselves dry (and will go to great lengths to preserve them).

14. Purchasing waterproof saddles or messenger bags has paid off big time.

15. They daydream about riding around the office. Why walk down the hall when you can bike?

16. Every rider has a few battle scars.

17. They ride with no hands – just because it’s fun and looks cool.

18. They own multiple bikes: The cruiser, fixie, road bike, decoy, and sometimes unicycles.

Remember to ride safe on those city streets and have fun.

Can't wait to get your hands on your next urban bike? Five of North America's top design firms like Industry and bike builders are competing to design and make the ultimate urban utility bike. Learn more about the Bike Design Project.

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