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    22 Signs You Were An International School Kid

    "Your accent is so strange, you must be Canadian?"

    1. You can honestly say you have friends from all around the world.

    2. You can sort them by continent.

    3. Some of them are from countries most people have never heard of.

    4. Which made International Day pretty interesting.

    With lots of epic food!

    5. At least one of your friends had diplomat parents.

    Which means you’ve been inside some pretty sweet houses.

    6. When you arrive at an international school you enter with one accent...

    ...but leave with about seven.

    7. Plus if you had more than four Americans in your year, you probably sounded a bit like...

    8. You're used to hearing conversations in different languages.

    9. You can swear in at least seven of them.

    10. When you’re drunk you let out your Spanish side.

    11. And nothing beat the feeling of finding a kid in school who spoke the same native language as you.

    12. When you talk to non-international school kids, you realise how ridiculous the stuff you got to do at school was...

    Like the time you went to the Louvre aged 10 and hated it.

    All your sports tournaments involved a plane journey.

    When other kids were going to the zoo...

    You were preventing WWIII during Model United Nations.

    13. In normal school being a new kid is kinda scary.

    But it's totally fine at an international school!

    14. Someone in your class was always jet-lagged.

    15. Missing school to get your visa sorted was just as common as going to the doctor.

    16. International school kids have hearts of stone.

    Because they’re used to saying goodbye to their best friends.

    17. This may be the cause of your deep-rooted commitment issues.

    18. But all that moving around has made you adaptable to change.

    19. When people ask you where you’re from, it’s sorta tricky to answer.

    20. Your life story contains a LOT of “then we moved to”.

    21. But international school taught you how small the world really is...

    One day there would be a new kid who you totally met when you lived in Oman.

    22. Sometimes school would be cancelled for dramatic reasons like bombs threats and demonstrations.

    But all in all, international school was pretty awesome!

    (Even if the IB programme almost destroyed you.)