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    Posted on Jan 13, 2014

    32 Things You Experience As A Foreigner Moving To London

    Sometimes it lasts in London, but sometimes it hurts instead...

    1. When you first move to London it can be rather overwhelming. / Via

    2. Your friends and family will be sad to see you go.

    3. Some will try and scare you with terrifying London stories.

    4. But you are determined to set off and make it in the Big Smoke.

    5. As soon as you arrive you get all muddled up by the weird place names.

    6. And you wonder why they're never spelt the way you'd pronounce them. Give foreigners a break!

    7. You soon discover that British people really do like tea, queueing and being polite.

    8. Until it gets to 17:00 on the underground.

    And it's just a bloody free for all.

    9. Or you accidentally stand on the wrong side of the escalator because you're new and you're just figuring things out and WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?

    10. Sometimes you feel really lonely.

    11. You just want to stay in and Skype your parents.

    12. But a lot of people where you're from live in London.

    13. So you can still celebrate all your national holidays.

    14. And once you've become more 'London' you actually want to avoid your fellow countrymen.

    Because they make up the worst breed of Londoner: THE TOURIST.

    Keep moving people. You know they pee in those things?

    15. You promise yourself to do all that tourist stuff.

    16. But you won't ever get round to it.

    17. But you WILL have time for a London profile pic just to prove that you're actually here.

    18. Also London is BIG. In the time it takes you to get from West Ruislip to Honor Oak Park you could drive to France.

    19. But in London you might bump into a celeb on the way. Oh hey RiRi.

    20. And it's pretty awesome when you just happen to walk into your favourite movie location.

    21. Almost as awesome as the day you realise you don't need to consult a tube map every 5 seconds.

    22. Or when someone asks you the way and you can ACTUALLY tell them.

    23. When you show your family around they love how well you know the city.

    24. You're broke and living off tinned food but in their eyes you've made it big time because you're living in London.

    25. One of those reasons you're broke = transport.

    26. When you compare your living costs in London with your living costs back home you wonder why you're even here. £4 for a pint!!!

    27. You struggle to keep up with how much people drink here.

    28. And how much they love chicken. Seriously, how many fried chicken shops does one city really need?

    29. Job interviews, flat hunting and night buses will make you feel the most tired you've ever been in your entire life.

    And one day, you'll be so tired you'll try and get into your flat using your oyster card.

    30. That initial excitement you had about moving to London...

    Will sometimes wear off.

    31. But then you'll be walking along and feel totally overwhelmed by how beautiful the city is.

    32. Even when you're drunk & tired at 02:00 AM.

    Because London is fabulous and every second is worth it.