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    36 Random Products You'll Totally Gush Over After You Use Them

    You'll write love letters and romance novels about these things — which totally isn't weird at all.

    1. A 5-in-1 unitool that works as a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool. It's basically a Swiss Army knife, except...ya's not a knife.

    2. A set of colorful fine-point pens designed specifically not to bleed as you write, which makes them perfect for notetakers who pride themselves on the neatness of their picturesque pages.

    Fine point pens in 18 different colors

    3. A pair of quick-dry water shoes that reviewers just can't get enough of. These flexible, sock-like shoes are great for protecting your feet from hot sand and sharp rocks while still allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of the water. Some people even wear them while they're chillin' in the backyard or out front washing the car.

    4. A long-sleeve rash guard top and high-waisted bottom set to keep your skin from getting torched as you enjoy some much needed fun in the sun.

    A customer review photo of them in the suit while in the ocean

    5. Smoked bacon chipotle sea salt you can use to seriously step up your seasonings. With the wonderful medley of flavors in this sea salt, your roommates will think you've suddenly become a top-tier spice blender.

    6. A genius cat toy that'll keep your kitty entertained for so long it'll honestly make you jealous. I wonder what it must be like to not have bills or responsibilities.

    7. An anti-dandruff shampoo to save you from having to shell out a co-pay at a dermatologist's office. Whether you have a relatively mild case of dandruff or your scalp and shoulders resemble the Swiss Alps during ski season, this thing will become a staple of your shower routine.

    A reviewer with large dandruff clumps that have disappeared after using the shampoo

    8. Or this bottle of sulfate-free Biotin shampoo infused with tea tree, jojoba, and argan oils to help treat hair loss. This is a potential option for folks whose hair is thinning a bit sooner than expected, or people simply looking to go a few extra rounds with father time.

    A reviewer photo showing hair that's regrown after looking very thin

    9. A foaming lavender bath to add some spa vibes to your time in the tub.

    a woman covered from neck to toe in bubbles soaking in a deep bath

    10. An erase-a-hole putty if you and your roommates have turned your living room walls into Swiss cheese, but would still like a chance at getting all of your security deposit back. You'll definitely keep this stashed away somewhere in every new apartment you move into.

    a guide on how to use the stick

    11. A bottle of Fog Gone for mask-wearers who've been struggling with the small yet ridiculously annoying inconvenience of foggy glasses. Now you can continue to protect yourself (and everyone else around you) without obstructing your vision.

    12. A Diamond Dazzle Stik with a twist-to-dispense design that makes cleaning your jewelry so easy you'll do it just for fun.

    A ring looking hazy on the left and the same ring looking cleaner and brighter on the right

    13. And these silver polish wipes that'll revive even your most beat up bracelets and hoop earrings.

    14. A scratch-free scraper tool so you can remove labels and other sticky things like a civilized person instead of using your nails like some sort of X-Men character.

    15. A pumice cleaning stone for stains on your toilet that are too stubborn for a flimsy brush.

    16. A grout pen that'll...well...hide dirty grout. Which is a quick and easy project for lazy people who'd rather not spend an entire afternoon actually *removing* dirty grout.

    Tiles with brown grime in between and then looking cleaner after using the product

    17. A tiny, two-stage knife sharpener to repair and restore your knives just as quickly an easily as it appears in this GIF. Anyone who walks in the kitchen and sees your sharpening your steel as you prepare to go to war with a batch of potatoes will know you mean business.

    18. A leather conditioner that'll bring your old, worn-out couch back to life and have it looking like it's fresh off the showroom floor.

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's couch after being treated with the leather conditioner

    19. And a wood conditioner to do pretty much the same thing for coffee table. It'll also create a protective layer that helps prevent the wood from drying out or fading.

    a dining room table with half of its wood faded and the other half treated with the wood conditioner

    20. A bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle Solaroil so that broken and peeling nails will be a thing of the past.

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's nail growth after using the solaroil

    21. A two-pack of stainless-steel tongue cleaners you'll (hopefully) use as often as your other dental products — because daily oral hygiene can include more than just brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

    a before and after set displaying a reviewer's tongue after using the tongue cleaner

    22. A downright magical foot peel that'll shed all the dead skin that's been keeping you out of flip flops for years.

    23. A grooming glove – it can be used wet or dry to remove excess hair from your furriest friend *and* give them endless belly rubs at the same time.

    a collage of a reviewer using the grooming glove to groom their dog's hair

    24. A Muslin Comfort blanket so you can snuggle up under some temperature controlled fabric for a wonderfully cozy afternoon on the couch.

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed

    25. A sweet tea candle cleverly poured in a mason jar, inspired by the city of Charlestown, South Carolina. If you're familiar with southern traditions, this fruity and floral scent will remind you of long summer days and afternoons spent on the front porch.

    Charleston sweet tea candle in glass jar

    26. A pack of big claw clips, which is basically the equivalent of having extra pairs of big ol' hands to keep your hair up as you wash your face or apply makeup.

    27. An Under Armour sports mask that's frankly the most comfortable thing I've put around my mouth and nose since the pandemic started — which makes a huge difference considering how *uncomfortable* exercising can be on its own. Multiple BuzzFeed editors swear by this thing, and some of us even wear it outside of the gym as our everyday mask!

    28. A variety pack of 40 acne patches made with tea tree and calendula oil that'll basically redefine the way you think of "beauty sleep." Place this on before bed to draw all that puss and oil out of your pimples, and inflammation will go down by morning.

    29. A fun pancake mold so you can do something special for that lovely little person in your life. A plate full of edible dinosaurs and rocket ships is sure to impress your little ones, and it'd certainly be a step up from the misshapen "circular" pancakes you usually serve them.

    30. And a pancake mixer bottle that'll allow you to mix, pour, and fry your pancakes as fast as possible. This is perfect for people who live in households with many mouths to feed.

    hand holding a bottle full of batter and pouring out pancake circles onto a griddle

    31. Annnddd some locally made syrup to smother those bad boys in once they're fresh off the stove. It's from a woman-owned shop based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and made of all-natural lavender flowers and unrefined raw cane sugar.

    32. A cast-iron scrubber that'll help you scrape even the most stubborn bits off food off the skillet without removing the seasoned coating.

    33. A bottle of earwax removal drops to clean out all that gunk that you've neglected for years. This is something you'll forget you have in your medicine cabinet until you need to reuse it — but you'll never neglect this chore for that long again.

    34. And a pet earwax cleaner to clean out all the gunk your fur baby has stored their little ears as well. Hopefully this means they'll hear you better when you tell them to pipe down during your Zoom meeting.

    35. A carpet spot remover that doesn't require any rinsing or vacuuming. This is particularly helpful for people with messy children (so, children in general, pretty much). Just spray it directly on the stain and it'll disappear before playtime even ends.

    36. A set of bed sheet holders to prevent aggressive sleepers from ripping their sheets off the mattress while tossing and turning.

    Reviewer's before-and-after to show their bed sheet being pulled up versus neatly tucked in by the sheet holders

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