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    35 Random Gifts You'll Always Be Remembered For

    They'll bring up *that thing* you got them for years to come.

    1. A fitted sports and yoga tank with a padded bra that's as versatile as it is comfortable. Your friend or loved one would look just as good rocking this in the gym as they would wearing it to brunch with some high-waisted pants — but hopefully not on the same day.

    a model wearing the sports and yoga tank underneath an open sweater

    2. A tube of Essence's Lash Princess mascara that'll lift their lashes so effectively they're guaranteed to look super attentive (and glamorous) during those back-to-back Zoom meetings — even if they're actually bored out of their mind.

    A reviewer with long lashes holding up the mascara

    3. A combination sleep mask with wireless headphones so they can drift off to sleep to the soothing sounds of white noise, audiobooks, or relaxing music. It's designed to work for side sleepers and the inside is contoured with a cooling memory foam, so it's a way more comfortable and practical alternative to going to sleep with headphones on.

    4. And a rotating digital alarm clock (yes, the one you've seen on TikTok) to wake them up. It comes with two USB ports, a non-aggressive alarm, *and* a super sleek mirrored screen. Imagine if Judy Jetson was a social media influencer — that's basically what someone would feel like if they woke up with this thing every morning.

    the alarm clock on a reviewer's nightstand

    5. A Star Wars Light Saber chopstick set if the only thing the lovely little nerd in your life loves more than sushi is pop culture collectibles.

    6. A Photosynthesis board game (yes, you read that correctly) based on the life cycle of trees. This is a great gift for science and biology enthusiasts and general go-green do-gooders.

    7. High-waisted leggings that come in so many colors you should honestly buy them a pair every year until they collect 'em like some sort of a bootylicious Pokemon trainer.

    8. A bottle of Fog Gone for mask-wearers who've been struggling with the small yet ridiculously annoying inconvenience of foggy glasses. Now they can continue to protect themselves (and everyone else around them) without obstructing their vision.

    9. An Under Armour sports mask that's frankly the most comfortable thing I've put around my mouth and nose since the pandemic started — which makes a huge difference considering how *uncomfortable* exercising can be on its own. Multiple BuzzFeed editors swear by this thing, and some of us even wear it outside of the gym as an everyday mask!

    10. A handmade book tracker bookmark they can use to creatively keep track of their recent reads.

    Hand holding the partially filled-our tracker bookmark over a book
    British Bookart / Etsy

    British Bookart is a UK-based Etsy seller that creates adorable bookmarks and book art.

    Promising review: "Who knew you could fall in love with a bookmark? Each book I read I add to my 'books' on the bookmark and that adds a sense of accomplishment. Creatively designed with cute cats, clocks and teapots - I just love it! The bookmark arrived appropriately packaged and in perfect condition, too." –Shannon Rose Creason

    Get it from British Bookart on Etsy for $3.43.

    11. A box of fine line-reducing face masks to tighten their pores and lift their skin. Warn whomever you're buying this for that they may be a little freaked out at first when they see their reflection in the mirror and realize they look like an extra from The Walking Dead with this mask on. But once they take it off, it'll all be worth it.

    12. A satin pillowcase because, just like skincare routines, haircare doesn't stop when we go to sleep. These pillowcases will help prevent the frizz and breakage that's usually caused from regular cotton pillowcases — which means in the long run you'd be giving the gift of healthier hair.

    A model reclining on the pinky-brown satin pillowcase

    13. A scalp massager shampoo brush for a deep and exfoliating wash that'll also relieve some stress at the same time.

    14. A pair of super cool polarized aviator sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection against harsh sunlight and unwanted eye contact with haters.

    A reviewer in the sunglasses

    15. A set of tremendously popular waterproof Bluetooth earbuds with over 100,000 reviews from people loving its adjustable silicone tips. They're so comfortable whoever you buy them for won't want to run, nap, or shower again without them.

    16. A long-sleeve rash guard top and high-waisted bottom set to keep their skin from getting torched as they enjoy some much needed post-pandemic fun in the sun.

    A customer review photo of them in the suit while in the ocean

    17. And a pair of flexible quick-dry water shoes to protect their feet from hot sand and sharp rocks while still allowing them to enjoy the pleasures of the water.

    18. Annndddd a waterproof pouch if you know your loved one is the type to want to post every second of their tropical vacation on Instagram. Not only will this keep their phone safe, it'll also allow them to use their touchscreen while they're under water — so they can keep the likes ~flowing~ throughout the entire trip.

    19. A hilarious Shrek toothpaste cap that turns the ogre's giant green butt into a toothpaste dispenser. It's the perfect gag gift; they'll smile when they first see it *and* every time they finishing brushing their pearly whites.

    20. A peeing bear brick set because, as we've just established, it is inarguably funny to see an inanimate creature relieve itself.

    brick set of bear peeing in urinal

    21. A foaming and detoxifying bath to add some spa vibes to their time in the tub. Honestly you should put two of these in your cart so you have one for them and one for yourself — we all could use a bit of bubbly R&R.

    a woman covered from neck to toe in bubbles soaking in a deep bath

    22. Or this shea butter foaming bath bomb if you'd like to support a vegan, cruelty-free, and Latinx woman-owned small business.

    the pink bath bomb with dried flowers next to its box

    23. A thick clear lip gloss that isn't ridiculously sticky and won't act as a magnet for stray strands of hair — and their lips will look and feel moist AF.

    Reviewer with glossy lips holding up the lip gloss

    24. A pack of cartoon gel pens that'll bring doodlers great joy as they scribble away in one of their 5,000 half-filled notebooks. Each set comes with 12 pens and 12 black ink replacement fills, so your little artist will have plenty of supplies to spare.

    the cartoon gel pens

    25. A Muslin Comfort blanket so they can snuggle up under some temperature-controlled fabric for a wonderfully cozy afternoon on the couch.

    white muslin blanket on a made-up bed

    26. Some locally made syrup for them to smother their waffles or pancakes in every morning. It's from a woman-owned shop based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and made of all-natural lavender flowers and unrefined raw cane sugar.

    a bottle of the lavender simple syrup

    27. A beard comb that doubles as a bottle opener to make sure that luxurious mane on their face is well groomed each time they crack an IPA open at their local bar — ya know, for optimal hipster coolness.

    the bottle opener beard comb

    28. And a minty beard oil to give their whiskers a crisp aroma with subtle hits of citrus and wooden notes. It's made from argon and jojoba oils to nourish both their beard and the skin underneath it.

    the bespoke post beard oil

    29. Speaking of minty scents, a pack of peppermint and eucalyptus oil shower steamers that'll create a relaxing and aromatic grooming experience as they soak and scrub their troubles away. This will also help open up their sinuses if they suffer from springtime allergies!

    several flower-shaped shower steamers and their packet

    30. Baby Nessie tea infuser to (a) steep their favorite herbal blends into their afternoon cuppa and (b) look downright adorable.

    Promising review: "I love Nessie! Such a great little strainer. Very fun seeing their head stick out of my tea mug. Holes are a good size, doesn’t let too many tea leaves go through when straining. Very easy to clean since Nessie is made of silicone. If you have someone that loves tea this is a great gift for them!!" –Haley Decker

    Get it from Amazon for $16.79+ (available in three colors).

    31. An easy-to-use indoor herb garden with mason jars that act as a passive hydroponic system to grow herbs without having to plant them. In English? Fresh herbs will grow straight from these adorable containers so long as there's water – no potting soil involved!

    four mason jars with herbs growing out of them next to a window
    Uncommon Goods

    Choose from basil, cilantro, mint, parsley, and rosemary!

    Promising review: "I bought the whole set for my sister who started doing hydroponic gardening. I bought these, too, for myself and it's easy enough for someone who doesn't have a green thumb! The instructions were clear. I love it!" –iMaya

    Get one from Uncommon Goods for $24.

    32. Or a totally groovy disco ball planter, which can house real plants, fake plants, or nothing at all, depending on your giftee's history as a plant parent. Plus, it'll majorly up the fun factor at their next house party. 

    gif of a reviewer's disco ball planter housing a plant and spinning, reflecting light in a room
    reviewer photo of the disco ball planter hanging from the ceiling and reflecting light on their wall

    Promising review: "This planter is SO cool! I have it in my bedroom window and when I have the window open it kinda sways back and forth so when the light hits it, it makes really cool patterns on the walls/ceiling. My cats also love chasing the lights as they swing around." –Shannon Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97+ (available in two sizes and three colors).