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    31 Things To Buy Someone After A Terrible Year

    So, basically gifts for just about everyone.

    1. A deck of affirmation cards for anyone who may have forgotten how awesome they are this year — we all need a friendly reminder every once in a while.

    2. A Bissell Featherweight Stick for anyone who can't bear to sweep their hardwood floors one more time. This lightweight vacuum will allow them to ditch their brooms and dustpans for something a little less tedious.

    3. Or a Roomba for those of us who have given up on doing chores altogether. I personally never realized how much I hated cleaning my home until 2020 forced me to be here all day.

    An Roomba vacuuming a hardwood floor

    4. Kate Somerville’s “Breakout Fighters” for adults whose skin took a turn for the worse this year. Including a three-part acne treatment and an oil-free cleanser, this grown-up acne solution might make them the envy of pimple-faced high school sophomores everywhere.

    5. An oversized sweatshirt that’ll feel like a warm hug all winter — because it’s cheaper than therapy and safer than actually touching someone these days.

    a woman wearing a black and white oversized sweatshirt

    6. An Eloquii turtleneck sweater for anyone who needs to upgrade their Zoom attire.

    a woman wearing the light blue turtle neck sweater with black pants

    7. An essential oil stick that'll FINALLY give them some much needed migraine relief. Let's leave those stress headaches in 2020. Welcome to the future!

    a hand holding a migraine stick

    8. A "2020 dumpster fire" pin for anyone who wants to wear their misfortune with pride.

    a hand holding the very small 2020 dumpster fire pin

    9. Or a very clever "Purhell" sticker. Because pessimistic puns and hand sanitizer are both evergreen at this point.

    the purhell sticker place on the corner of a laptop

    10. A magnetic key cabinet so they'll never lose their keys again AND won't have to worry about forgetting them on their way out the door.

    various keys hanging in the magnetic key cabinet

    11. An inexpensive cold brew maker — because caffeine makes everything better.

    A cold brew maker on a kitchen counter next to a glass filled with iced coffee and a small bowl of coffee beans

    12. A NutriBullet — which would be a great gift any year, but seems especially clutch now that everyone is chugging their homemade, immune-boosting super smoothies.

    13. A framed print featuring some inspirational and uplifting words from the great Maya Angelou.

    a framed maya angelou quote that reads i've learned that people will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel

    14. An undated productivity planner. This gift is perfect if you're looking to inspire someone who needs to get their act together in 2021, while also encouraging them to move at their own pace.

    an open productivity planner with one of its pages on display

    15. And a pack of colorful gel ink pens to go with their new productivity planner. It'll make their self-improvement look a lot more interesting.

    16. A productivity timer that'll help them compartmentalize their big, huge, overwhelming projects into much more manageable tasks.

    a productivity timer photographed on a kitchen counter

    17. A fleece snood for anyone still complaining about how face masks keep ruining all their outfits. Now they can pull this warm accessory over their N95 and shut the hell up.

    A woman wearing a black fleece snood over the collar of a black leopard print sweater

    18. A countryside gift basket with an assortment of snacks and treats. One of the kindest things you can do for someone who had a rough year is send them a holiday care package.

    A bottle of wine arranged near an assortments of grapes meats crackers and cheeses

    19. Or an assortment of wines delivered monthly by Wine Awesomeness — if their 2020 sucked, the least you can do is keep them drunk throughout 2021.

    Three bottles of wine placed near a Wine Awesomeness pamphlet

    20. And an electric wine opener so they can add even MORE technology to their virtual happy hours.

    A reviewer's wine opener displayed upright next to a bottle of wine on a kitchen counter

    21. A bitter but harmless clear polish that's so unpleasant they'll chew on a jean jacket before ever wanting to anxiously chomp on their fingernails again.

    a before and after shot displaying nail growth

    22. A honeycomb organizer, because we all know cleaning our bedrooms is oddly therapeutic. Plus, it'll make their drawers so neat they'll actually look forward to putting clothes away after doing the laundry.

    a honeycomb organizer with each column filled and color coded

    23. A pullover hoodie for anyone who doesn’t have a romantic partner to steal one from this winter — lonely people get cold too.

    A woman wearing a dark purple pullover hoodie and an orange pair of sweatpants

    24. An Instant Pot for anyone who became an amateur chef during quarantine. This thing will make their new hobby so much easier.

    25. A Fitbit Inspire to remind them to stay active even if gyms close down again. It'll also keep them motivated as they start to see tangible progress.

    a person looking down at a fitbit watch on their wrist

    26. Essence-packed sheet masks that'll make their skincare routine a bit more serene. With these masks and a glass of wine or (mug of tea), they'll never skip a self-care Sunday again.

    a grid of sixteen different facial masks

    27. The Martha Manual — a "how-to" book that'll teach them the life skills they never knew they needed to learn. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we need to be prepared for everything!

    the book cover of the martha manual

    28. A habit calendar to help them create short- and long-term checklists. It's way less daunting than staring at a digital spreadsheet.

    a hand filling out a habit calendar

    29. A white noise machine that'll gently lull them to sleep at night. Hopefully we'll all wake up and find out 2020 was just a bad dream.

    the small round device next to bed

    30. A soothing candle inspired by one of their favorite Black songwriters.

    the brown sugar scented candle

    31. A personal finance book for young adults in need of a crash course on budgeting, debt management, saving money, and investing for retirement. If you know someone who took a hit financially during the pandemic, this could help get them back on track.

    the cover of the personal finance book

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