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Exoskeleton Helps Brazilian Paraplegic Take "First Kick" At World Cup

A Brazilian paraplegic made the "first kick" using a robotic exoskeleton in Sao Paulo during the World Cup opening ceremony.

During the World Cup opening ceremony, a young Brazilian paraplegic made the first kick using a robotic exoskeleton.

The suit is built with lightweight metals and powered by hydraulics. The exoskeleton-like machine could one day take the place of wheelchairs.

A Brazilian paraplegic makes the opening #WorldCup kick using an exoskeleton suit. Our story: http://t.co/D1hwCR0wFk

“The patient imagines that he wants to move, to walk. This is detected by sensors and sent to a computer which interprets this information and sends info to the exoskeleton," Brazilian neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis told the Washington Post.


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H/T to Mashable and The Washington Post