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Did You Know Pigeons Are Just Uglier Doves?

There's a reason the Pope doesn't release pigeons.

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This is a white dove.

Pool / Getty Images

The white dove is an undeniably attractive bird. They are a nationwide symbol of peace.

Romeo Gacad / AFP / Getty Images

The dove inspired a Prince song. / Via Giphy

This poised and sophisticated bird was also the inspiration behind a world-renowned beauty brand.

Dove / Via

But like humans, the effervescent and overachieving white dove has relatives that they choose not to associate with. Why? Because sometimes you're just better than them.

NBC / Via

The pigeon—AKA the dumpster dove—is the dove's trashy, unattractive, and combative relative who has anger issues and three DUIs.

iFunny / Via




What are pigeons known for?

I'll give you a hint: it's not peace or beauty.

Pigeons enjoy carelessly shitting on people...

Shout-out to the pigeon that just shit on me to keep me in check.


...and their cars.

Barry Schwartz / Via

Pigeons are dirty, and they casually carry around an array of fun diseases.

Medical News Today / Via

Pigeons regularly feast on garbage, hence the name "dumpster dove."

Science Buzz / Via

A pigeon's ideal last meal on earth after being placed on death row? A 3-day-old half-bitten, oxidized apple found underneath snotty napkins and ripped clothing at the bottom of a New York City trashcan.

Hagen Hoopla / Via

Pigeons often stand atop their own kind for personal gain.

Reddit / Via

Pigeons often get too close to people that want absolutely nothing to do with their overbearing presence.

just had a near death experience and by that I mean a pigeon almost flew into my head

went to sit outside to eat my lunch n a pigeon near flew into my head so nope :))

A pigeon just flew over my head like almost landed on it, fam I was ready to meet my maker. Two girls were like OMG near death experience.



Giphy / Via

Oh, and pigeons are heinous as babies.

Wingandaprayerhaven / Via

The end.

Giphy / Via

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