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    Posted on Jun 23, 2017

    17 Celebrity Kids And Some Dogs On Private Jets Just To Make You Hate Your Life

    I hate my life.

    1. Saint West, in awe of his life and his father, Kanye, and feeling jubilant over the fact that he does not have to fly commercial...ever.

    2. Chelsea Handler's dog Chunk, sitting pretty inside of his private jet, about to pop open a bottle of bubbly.

    Chelsea Handler / Instagram / Via Instagram: @chelseahandler

    Smile, doofus, you're on a PRIVATE JET. You could be in the underbelly of an airbus with a broken wing, but you're in a JET! AND YOU'RE A DOG!

    @chelseahandler / instagram / Via Instagram: @chelseahandler

    3. Paris Hilton and her dogs, inhaling that fresh G7 air.

    Pinterest / Via

    4. Chunk, again, on a different private jet, feeling bougie as fuck and stuntin' on all you other pooches who sit emergency row on Delta.

    Chelsea Handler / Via Instagram: @chelseahandler

    5. This random woman's dogs, flying over Washington D.C. and living a much better life than you.

    6. DJ Khaled's son, Asahd, getting his own jet...

    Asahd is 5 months old and just pulled up in a private jet YEAH IM DONE WITH MY LIFE

    @z00t_ / Via

    ...and even at his tender, young, and impressionable age, Asahd is aware of how insanely awesome it is to avoid the peasants at LAX.

    DJ Khaled / Via Instagram: @djkhaled

    7. Luna Legend, not hiding her blatant appreciation for luxury.

    "No other crying babies on this flight, motherfucker."

    @chrissyteigen / instagram / Via Instagram: @chrissyteigen

    8. Penelope Disick STANDING on a jet, watching her mother make a sandwich that looks like it's from a ramshackle airport wannabe deli, but definitely is not from a ramshackle airport wannabe deli, cuz, ya know, private jet 'n stuff.

    9. Puff Daddy and his son Christian getting ready to snooze in NOT a dumb, commercial flight.

    P. Diddy / Via Instagram: @diddy

    10. Penelope and North, telling the pilots to ensure that their plane does not land anywhere near JFK.

    Kim Kardashian West's personal Snapchat

    11. I, too, would smile like that if I were about to sleep under an Egyptian goose down comforter and not underneath a commercial flight's hand-me-down, needle-like, prickly blanket covered in choose-your-own-adventure stains.

    Instagram / Mariah Carey / Via Instagram: @mariahcarey

    12. Michael Phelps and his son, Boomer, playin' cards in a sensually-lit jet.

    "Thankful that I was the sperm who swam the fastest, and I get to spit up my formula all over the world's greatest olympian in this beautiful private jet."

    Boomer Phelps / Via Instagram: @boomerrphelps

    13. One of the 101 Dalmatians who made it big, resting on some wood, dreaming of what the other 100 Dalmatians are up to. (Not dozing off on a private jet, that's for damn sure.)

    Jet Charters / Via

    14. When I go shirtless on a flight, I'm forcibly ejected by authorities and summoned to court. When Jennifer Lopez's son does it, it's just another day 37,000 feet above the plebs. Life!

    Jennifer Lopez / Instagram / Via Instagram: @jlo

    15. Kevin Hart and his lucky offspring.

    Kevin Hart / Instagram / Via Instagram: @kevinhart

    I, too, would be smiling this wide if my dad's jokes got me a seat on a private jet's plush couch.

    @kevinhart / instagram

    16. And this video that Chrissy Teigen's mom posted of Chrissy's dogs boarding their private, chartered flight.

    One even gets CARRIED UP THE STEPS into the plane by a security guard, because walking up steps by yourself is for dogs who eat crumbs off the floor.

    @pepperthai / instagram

    17. You know what? Fuck everything.

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