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Can You Pass This Ultimate Degrassi Fan Quiz?

Only the true fanatics can make it through.

Audriena Comeaux • One month ago

Only The True Film Fanatics Will Be Able To Identify 10/18 Of These Movies

If you can pass this quiz, you're an IMDB expert.

Audriena Comeaux • One month ago

13 Classic Shows That NEED To Be On Disney+

Hopefully some of these Disney Channel Shows will be available.

Audriena Comeaux • One month ago

All That’s Most Famous Alumni

“All That” is back! Let’s take a look at the celebs that came from the iconic show.

Audriena Comeaux • One month ago

Kids Shows You Probably Forgot About

Our childhood was lit with all of the daytime variety we had access to.

Audriena Comeaux • 4 months ago

The Amazingness That Was The Barbie CD-ROM

Barbie had the BEST CD-ROMs.

Audriena Comeaux • 7 months ago

The “Living Single” Drinking Game

How tipsy can you get in this 90s kinda world?

Audriena Comeaux • One year ago

Popular “Blue’s Clues” Mystery Finally Solved!

Recently this popular meme has been circulating the Internet. Making tons of twenty-somethings wonder how old they really are.

Audriena Comeaux • 3 years ago

Top 10 BET Shows You Probably Forgot About

If you grew up as a teen in the early 2000s you know BET had some of the best music entertainment shows. From coming home from school and rushing to watch “106 & Park”, to spending Saturday mornings watching “Cita’s World” and staying up late until early Sunday morning to catch a glimpse of “BET Uncut” before your parents caught you. BET had some great guilty pleasures, so let’s take a look back at some of their best shows that you probably forgot about.

Audriena Comeaux • 3 years ago

BET Comic Gary Owen Shuts Down Stacey Dash

Gary Owen is best known for his roles in the “Think Like A Man” movie series, BET’s “Real Husband’s of Hollywood”, and “House of Payne. He was so appalled by “Clueless” Actress Stacey Dash’s comments about The BET Network that he took to social media to express how much good the network has been towards him and his career.

Audriena Comeaux • 3 years ago

What The Characters Of “Doug” Would Look Like In A Live Action Movie

If you're a frequent “Hulu Plus” binge watcher like myself you may have stumbled upon a couple impromptu old school TV marathons here and there. From “Clarissa Explains it All”, “The Baby-Sitters Club TV Show”, and of course “Doug”, it gets pretty intense. After a while you start to intricately think about the shows, the plot lines, the if this was real life how would this go down, etc. It becomes an obession almost, but a good POP OBSESSION nonetheless! Watching cartoons you just can’t help but wonder , if they made this animated show in live action today who would play who? Well luckily my mind wonders enough to come up with with who would play the key cast members of “Doug”. Now Doug had a lot of friends in Bluffington, but this will focus on the selected few who made it to the opening credit sequence.

Audriena Comeaux • 3 years ago

In Case You Doubt Drake’s Writing Abilities, Check Out an Old School Interview Where Drake Brings Out Years worth of Lyrics He Wrote in His Teens

The following videos are part of a “The n” Series called “Unscripted” which featured a one on one look at “Degrassi: The Next Generation” Cast Members outside of the show and on set of the show. This episode focuses on Aubrey Drake Graham, as he takes the camera crew to his personal space where he shows off piles of notebooks filled with lyrics and his rapping abilities. This happened YEARS before “Replacement Girl” with Trey Songz, and the empire he has built working with Young Money now. You can watch the full episode below, showcasing him going between his on screen set life and his rapping in the studio life.

Audriena Comeaux • 4 years ago

Michelle Tanner Had the Coolest Crew of All Time

With all of the “Fuller House” cast gossip going on, its easy for a die hard “Full House” fan to not only hope that the main cast return, but that some of the series favorite recurring characters get in on the reboot action too. There has been talk of both the Olsen Twins returning to revive their role as Michelle Tanner, but does that mean that all of Michelle’s Best Friends will stop by to visit the Tanner House too? I sure hope so! Lets take a look back at the coolest crew of kids to roam the streets of San Francisco:

Audriena Comeaux • 4 years ago

Animation Domination High-Def is Killing It

Here is a look at what you have been missing if you haven't checked out "Animation Domination High-Def"

Audriena Comeaux • 4 years ago