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Turns Out, Due To The Earth's Tilt, Your Star Sign Is Wrong — Which One's Right?

Ophiuchus? OPHIUCHUS???

Recently, I discovered an article from Live Science saying everyone's zodiac sign is wrong. You see, your zodiac sign is determined by the positions of constellations relative to the sun the day you were born.

Adobest / Getty Images

However, these positions were marked by astronomers over 2,000 years ago. Because Earth continually wobbles around its axis, during those 2,000 years, the zero point in the zodiac has actually shifted about 30 degrees west.

TTSZ / Getty Images

What's more, the article says there's actually a 13th zodiac sign, called Ophiuchus, that should be added to the astrological chart.

Libre De Droit / Getty Images

Want to see if your zodiac sign is actually your TRUE zodiac sign? Take the quiz below to see if you've been impacted by Earth's precession!


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