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15 Dogs That Will Make Your Boyfriend Want To Step Up His Game

Doggos before bros.

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5. This dog who is more of a cheesy romantic than your boyfriend is. You don't have to hint at flowers or chocolates. He wants to sweep you off your feet, and he knows exactly how to do it.

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8. This dog who loves cuddling with you. Actually, he loves cuddling so much, he's willing to fight for more cuddle time.

Teacher: "Why are you late today?" Me: "My dog wouldn’t let me get out of bed..."


10. This dog who will gladly participate in your Saturday morning yoga class in the park. He won't complain, and he'll have a wonderful time.

11. This dog who has absolutely ZERO problem letting you know how they feel about you. You don't have to coax feelings out. They will scream loud and proud that they love you.


14. This dog who wants to keep kissing you and showering you with affection. Are you over kisses? Too bad. He won't stop until you know you are loved.

The more boys I meet... the more I love my dog🐶💙