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    17 Facts I Hated Reading, So I'm Making You Read Them, Too

    Welp, now I'm worried about my health since I found out social isolation and loneliness cause a 29% greater risk of heart attack.

    1. In a year, the average human consumes so much microplastic, it's about the equivalent of the amount of plastic in a fireman's helmet.

    Plastic on someone's fingertips

    2. Chucky from Child's Play is based on a real doll that is said to be cursed and cause violent mishaps.

    Robert the Doll

    3. Madame Tussaud (of wax museum fame) honed her wax-sculpting skills by casting freshly-guillotined heads of French aristocrats during the French Revolution.

    Mame Tussaud

    4. In April 2022, the 50,000th spider species was discovered, and scientists don't think that's it.

    Cartoon of a spider in someone's hand

    5. Chainsaws were originally created for childbirth, before C-sections were a thing.

    Someone using a chainsaw to cut wood

    6. On average, humans spit enough over their lifetime to fill two swimming pools.

    A swimming pool

    7. A chicken named Mike lived with his head cut off for 18 months.

    Mike the headless rooster

    8. Mosquitoes don't use one needle to suck your blood. It's actually six micro-needles.

    closeup of a mosquito

    9. Facebook created two AI chatbots to talk to each other, which were eventually shut down after they created a language that only they understood.

    Two AI talking to each other

    10. Ducklings are prone to cannibalism. Scientists don't know why some have this behavior, but tie it to boredom.

    A duckling in the water

    11. A study from Harvard showed that being lonely has the same risk of heart disease as smoking does.

    A person staring out a window

    12. Snails have thousands of teeth.

    Closeup of a snail

    13. There's a museum in Italy with scrolls they claimed to be signed by people in purgatory trying to signal the living.

    A church

    14. You can rupture your throat from holding in a sneeze.

    Someone about to sneeze

    15. Alien hand syndrome is a phenomenon in which someone can't control one hand, and it seems to act like it has a mind of its own.

    A hand outstretched

    16. Butterflies drink blood.

    Closeup of butterflies

    17. Finally, 56% of commercial pilots have admitted to falling asleep while flying.

    Two men flying a plane