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    19 Of The Funniest Tweets About Christmas

    "The Grinch who stole thiccness."


    Me every time I swipe my card to buy Christmas presents for anyone besides myself


    People who go out Christmas Eve actually scare me like sorry why are you not at home in bed in your fresh duvet covers & Pj’s asleep by 9 for santy


    *buys someone a Christmas gift* brain: don’t do it, wait until Christmas don’t do it, wait until Christmas don’t do it, wait until Christmas don’t do it, wait until Christmas don’t do it, wait until Christmas don’t do it, wait until Christmas me: here’s your gift!!!


    I gave my nephew a banana for Christmas. I had avocado levels of success.


    To the 53 people who've watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you?


    A colleague has just been fired from work and someone else put their hand up and asked how it would affect the Secret Santa



    *gets on soapbox * if your ugly sweater was designed to be an ugly sweater then it doesn’t actually count as an ugly sweater. the true spirit of ugly sweaters is that they were designed in earnest and the shifting sands of time and fashion eroded them to their present ugliness


    me, age 10: [opening presents] socks? Are you frickin kidding me me, now: [eyes going black] SÖCK


    My professor after I took that hard ass final: HAPPY HOLIDAYS 😁😁😁 Me:


    Grandma laced the Christmas cookies with her painkillers again smfh


    Cant believe my nana woke me up during a nap the other day to sign the cats christmas card whilst the cat was asleep so she didnt see us write it out, cba



    can’t wait to get my 1st kiss under the missiIe toe this christmas 😫🤝


    anyone else have trouble getting their cats to pose for their christmas card?


    Last Christmas I gave you some eels And the very next day You were killed by those eels


    what to get the signs this xmas 🎁 aquarius: socks pisces: socks aries: socks taurus: socks gemini: socks cancer: socks leo: socks virgo: socks libra: socks scorpio: socks sagittarius: socks capricorn: a soul


    *home for Christmas break* Parents: “How did the classes go this semester?” Student: “So that’s what we’re doing for the holidays? We’re gonna fight?”


    Day 1 w/o school: I cleaned the whole house, picked up the back yard, Christmas shopped, and cooked before 5:30. It’s crazy how productive you are when you don’t have toxic things in your life.

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