12 Colors So Synonymous With Brands, Their Colors Are Trademarked

    Post-It Note yellow is such a distinct shade of yellow.

    This past Easter, I treated myself to a Reese's peanut butter egg. It was half-melted, which upset me, but while I was peeling its gooey body out of the wrapper, I noticed it said "Orange is a trademarked color."

    "The orange color is a registered trademark."

    It's my new goal in life to find a color so iconic that I can trademark it, but until then, here are 11 other colors whose hex codes are off limits (in certain contexts, of course).

    1. Tiffany Blue

    Tiffany & Co. boxes

    2. Post-It Note Yellow


    3. Cadbury Purple

    Dairy Milk bars on a shelf

    4. UPS Brown

    A UPS driver in their truck

    5. Home Depot Orange

    An aisle at Home Depot

    6. Barbie Pink

    Barbie products on a shelf

    7. Target Red

    The outside of a Target store

    8. Louboutin Red

    A pair of Christian Louboutins

    9. Wiffle Ball Yellow

    People playing Wiffle Ball

    10. T-Mobile Magenta

    The outside of a T-Mobile store

    11. And finally, Owens-Corning Pink

    Someone installing fiber glass

    What's the most iconic company color in your opinion? Comment below!