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    17 Photos That Give A Whole New Meaning To “It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts"

    The bowling ball cut in half looks so much like a jawbreaker, I want to eat it.

    1. The half of this Golden Gate Bridge cable that makes me actually feel very safe.

    A cut cable from the Golden Gate Bridge

    2. This cross-section of a nuclear waste barrel that looks so unbelievably heavy.

    This is a model of the cross section of a nuclear waste barrel . . . The top layer is compacted hazard suits, the bottom layers are irradiated soil, all encased in concrete to prevent "excess" leakage 🥴 . . .

    Twitter: @Sparky4

    3. This half of a bowling ball that could easily be mistaken for a jawbreaker.

    A bowling ball cut in half

    4. This halved plane that makes me realize there are a ton of electrical components under our feet.

    A plane cut in half

    5. This half of a wasps' nest that kind of makes me want to hire them to be city planners.

    A wasp nest

    6. The guts of this Disney cruise ship that make me think building one is a lot like a very intense game of Tetris.

    A model of a Disney cruise ship

    7. This core sample of the Indy 500 track that's a little time capsule of each time they repaved.

    .@IMS history is mesmerizing. Track work 2Day included core samples & brick at bottom of this core was laid 108 years ago almost to the day!

    Twitter: @jdouglas4

    8. This sunflower that, when cut in half, definitely looks like a mushroom. Also, did anyone else know there was, like, a lot of sunflower meat under the seeds? I didn't.

    A sunflower cut in half

    9. This shoe perfectly sawed that makes me jealous of its arch support.

    A shoe sawed in half

    10. This lily that, in half, you can tell how perfectly all of the inner workings fit together.

    A halved lily

    11. This tire cut in half that kinda makes me wonder how it supports a whole car.

    A tire cut in half

    12. The cross-section of this telephone wire that looks like a fun placemat or confetti, but definitely not like a telephone wire.

    Inside of a telephone wire

    13. This split camera lens that looks far more intense cut in half than it does as a whole.

    Split camera lens

    14. This turtle model that shows exactly what's going on under the shell.

    Model of a turtle

    15. This half of a car that is honestly giving me some insight as to why car repairs are so expensive. Like, look at how squished together everything is.

    Machinery in a car

    16. This half of a human skull that really illustrates we've got a lot going on up there.

    Half of a human skull

    17. Finally, this half-a-hedge that's business in the front, party in the middle.

    A halved hedge