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    17 Swearing Facts That You Probably Didn't Know

    The word "fart" is 200 years older than Leonardo da Vinci!

    1. It's illegal to swear in public in Virginia.

    2. If you think that's bad, swearing would've given you the death penalty if you lived in the Byzantine Empire during the sixth century.

    3. The word "rooster" was invented when "cock" started to become slang for "penis" instead of the male fowl.

    4. "Fart" dates back to 1250, making it one of the oldest obscene words in the English language.

    5. Some automated answering systems are programmed so that if you swear at them, they'll transfer you straight to an operator.

    6. "Shit" is the most popular swear word used on Facebook.

    7. Swearing relieves pain.

    8. Children learn swear words as early as one and two years old.

    9. IBM fed their AI robot, Watson, all of Urban Dictionary to understand slang. As a result, the robot became so profane that the scientists had to quickly wipe it from Watson's memory.

    10. Using your middle finger as an obscene gesture dates all the way back to ancient Greece.

    11. Contrary to popular belief, there is no correlation between how much you swear and how intelligent you are.

    12. The string of symbols that replaces swear words in comics and graphics is called a grawlix.

    13. Chimps swear, too! Washoe the chimp was shown a "taboo" sign in sign language, which her and her child used when frustrated or angry.

    14. The most obscene state is Ohio.

    15. Andrew Jackson's parrot had to be taken out of Jackson's funeral because it was swearing so much.

    16. "Fuck" is the third most offensive word in the English language, and "motherfucker" is the second.

    17. And the world record for most F-bombs in a movie goes to The Wolf of Wall Street, with the word being used 506 times.