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If You Answer "Yes" To 12/23 Of These Questions, You Have Bad Starbucks Etiquette

If baristas had a dollar for every empty straw wrapper they picked up and threw away, they could retire early.

  1. Have you ever dumped liquid from your drink into the trash can?

  2. Have you ever added something to your drive-thru order at the window instead of the speaker box?

  3. Have you ever asked the barista to put any extra Frappuccino from the blender in another cup for you?

  4. Have you ever ordered something with a "turbo shot"?

  5. Have you ever paid with sweaty money that was in your bra or pants?

  6. Have you ever ordered a black coffee and then made a comment like, "Do you even do that here?"

  7. Have you ever reached over the counter to grab a lid or straw?

  8. Have you ever ordered a drink off of the "secret menu" without knowing the recipe for it?

  9. Have you ever modified your drink by hollering at the person who was in the middle of making it?

  10. Have you ever asked the barista at the hand-off counter for a glass of water instead of ordering it at the register?

  11. Have you ever paid for coffee with a $100 bill?

  12. Have you ever ordered a drink while you were also talking on the phone?

  13. Have you ever left a straw wrapper or used napkin at the table you were sitting at instead of walking it three feet to the garbage can?

  14. Have you ever grabbed a drink without checking the name on it first?

  15. Have you ever told the barista your name was something like Batman or Voldemort because you thought it was funny?

  16. Have you ever complained to the barista at the register about your stars even though they have no control over them?

  17. Have you ever ordered something double blended or double toasted?

  18. Have you ever ordered a coffee traveler or pour-over when you were in a rush?

  19. Have you ever blamed the baristas for you being late to work?

  20. Have you ever rearranged the patio furniture and then didn't put it back when you left?

  21. Have you ever tried to hand trash from your car to the barista in the window for them to throw away for you?

  22. Have you ever purposely withheld a tip until a barista could see you put it in the tip jar?

  23. Finally, have you ever gotten angry at a barista for making your drink hot even though you know you didn't specifically say you wanted it iced?

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