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21 Times Having Bangs Was More Than You Signed Up For

"I'm sorry for what I said when I was growing out my bangs."

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1. When you first see how your bangs look on your head:

Disney / Via

2. When you forget to brush them down after you wash your hair:

20th Century Fox

3. When you start to notice the love/hate relationship your bangs have with zits:

haleym627 / Via Twitter: @hayleem627

4. And when your plans to cover said zits get foiled:

pixietang / Via

5. When you try to properly gauge when they need a trim:

Loryn Brantz/Buzzfeed

6. And you try to trim them yourself but quickly realize that it's harder than it looks:

Live India / Via

7. So you go to your hairdresser who shames you for even attempting to DIY a bang trim:

rememdysaloncda / Via Instagram: @remedysaloncda

8. And you have to live with the consequences until they get longer:

New Line Cinema

9. When you spend a really long time making sure they look good:

davie_dave / Via

10. And when you have those days that your bangs are off and it seems to ruin your whole outfit:

Nickelodeon / Via

11. When you have to constantly check and adjust your bangs before the shutter so you don't have photos coming back to haunt you:

alexpeterson / Via Twitter: @alexpeterson_

12. When a tan line starts to form on your face:

alexandriaiona / Via Twitter: @alexandriaiona

13. And when the part between your bangs and the rest of your hair gets sunburned and you try to find solace any way you can:

20th Century Fox / Via

14. When you try to put on makeup:

pout_dracula / Via Twitter: @pout_dracula

15. When they get wet, cling to your face, and drip water straight-up into your eyeballs:

Claire_Grace18 / Via Twitter: @Claire_Grace18

16. And when you have to tediously separate them so they don't end up clumping together on the middle of your head:

17. When you're overdue for a cut:

steenelisabean / Via Twitter: @SteenElisabean

18. And then you decide to try and grow them out, which tests your emotional strength:

prive_hair / Via Twitter: @Prive_Hair

19. When you accidentally over-curl them:

20th Century Fox / Via asprouse/

20. And you have to master the casual "push back" because they flop in your face:

Democratic National Convention / Via

21. And finally, when you put up with all of the struggles because bangs complete your look:


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