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If You Think You're Bad At Your Job, Here's 17 People That'll Make You Feel Much Better

Nobody's perfect.

1. "I wrapped the Nesquik van just like you said to."

2. "I stitched Tucker's backpack per the order form."

3. "It's just an article about students and professionals."

Writer: "Is it 'firsthand' or 'first hand'?" Editor: "Either one is fine."

ncsox / Via Twitter: @NCSox

4. "You told me to make the sign for Fashion Art."

5. "I carpeted the stairs just like you asked."

6. "Check out the inspirational saying I put on this yoga mat."

7. "I printed all of the Nassau shirts for our clients."

8. "It's just a night light so kids aren't afraid of the dark."

9. "I gave them the tattoo they asked for."

10. "I thought you wanted me to install the paper towel dispenser above the sink."

11. "I put a salt shaker on the low sodium logo."

12. "I finished the custom job on this truck."

13. "I put the flooring down just like you told me."

14. "I just made a really generic blue and white pool float."

15. "I finished the front cover of Where."

16. "Everything is secure. I put a lock on the door."

17. "I designed the team shirt. We're the Super Hitters."

H/T r/crappydesign