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    15 Retail Customers Who Deserve To Be Voted Off The Island

    Why are you the way that you are?

    1. Whoever watched this kid annihilate a nicely folded shelf and did nothing.

    Mlssanssr / Via

    2. Whoever decided that the whole store was their trash can.

    Xandierious / Via

    3. Whoever ruined this entire cheesecake because they were too lazy to put it back in its refrigerated case.

    Consinneration / Via

    4. Whoever tried to use this coupon that expired 12 years ago.

    nickyg14 / Via

    5. Whoever replaced their old, dirty basketball with the new one from the package.

    wtb2612 / Via

    6. Whoever couldn't be bothered to straighten their bills for the employee at the register.

    the_crookedman / Via

    7. Whoever opened a sealed package and left it in a jumbled mess.

    Grannatz / Via

    8. Whoever said that putting stuff back "isn't their job".

    studog / Via

    9. Whoever decided to test out this brush but not buy it.

    MrPennywrinkle / Via

    10. Whoever turned an aisle into a nightmare.

    theyetislammer / Via

    11. Whoever poked a finger hole in literally every single one of these packages.

    drforrester-tvsfrank / Via

    12. Whoever tried to hide their old wrapper and failed.

    mrnanovideos1 / Via

    13. Whoever ruined all of these ping pong balls even though they're still sealed.

    wafflelover44 / Via

    14. Whoever opened all of these cat food jars and left them on the shelf.

    BassToYourFace / Via

    15. And finally, whoever was apparently allergic to returning their shopping carts.

    EffieTinkle / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating

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