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    If You're Having A Bad Christmas, At Least You Aren't These People

    Oh no...

    1. This person who went to get the Christmas tree from their attic but made a wrong step.

    KustomKonceptz / Via

    2. This person who was thrilled with a $50 holiday gift card from their boss only to find out it had been deducted from their paycheck.

    JDMRexTI / Via

    3. This person who made their dreams of a white Christmas a reality.

    jurjcan / Via

    4. The person who was treated to an extra surprise when they looked at their Christmas snow globe.

    aboringusername / Via

    5. This person who ruined their Christmas present with one swift tear.

    ChristineDamaris / Via

    6. This person who got, like, the worst Christmas present imaginable.

    theburninglegend / Via

    7. These people who were just about to sit down for a nice Christmas dinner.

    ManMyNameSureIsFunny / Via

    8. This person who just wanted to get a good view of their kids' Christmas concert.

    SLIMv3n0m / Via

    9. This person who just wanted to make Christmas cookies with chocolate bells on them.

    2olley / Via

    10. This person who had to work on Christmas Eve and was told there'd be a "nacho bar" in the break room.

    Im_A_Chef / Via

    11. This person who probably hasn't felt like the older sibling as much as he did on Christmas morning.

    Rico04 / Via

    12. This person who bought a gift for their little brother only for Amazon to deliver it to their front door with zero packaging.

    compilethisplease / Via

    13. This person who got a good scare because of their ominous decorations.

    seatonater07 / Via

    14. These people who forgot that the tree is a goner without proper feline protection.

    toshels / Via

    15. This person who somehow got both more and less than they bargained for.

    surfkaboom / Via

    16. These people who made the unfortunate decision to put lights on palm trees.

    TheHatim / Via

    17. And finally, this girl whose fairy is doing a lot less fluttering these days.

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    AFV / Via

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