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    The Muppets Have Their Own Twitter Accounts And They're Hilariously Wholesome

    "I do not know why my eggplant didn't grow. I planted the egg in June!"

    1. You need to follow Cookie Monster if your social media experience is in desperate need of wholesome cookie content.

    Therapist: And what do we say when we feel like this? Me: COOOOKIES!!!! Therapist: No

    2. You need to be following Oscar the Grouch if you also inexplicably relate to trash.

    3. You need to follow Pepé the King Prawn if you want life advice from a self-centered crustacean.

    Never, ever give up on your dreams. If your dream is to inherit your own private luxury cruise ship that you never have to leave, then you have to wait. I had that dream first, okay.

    4. You need to follow Fozzie Bear because he will never not post a really bad joke.

    What did the candy store owner need to buy when he got older? A sugar cane! Ahhhhh! Candy cane would also work... but I'm saving that one for Christmas. #WockaWocka!

    5. And if bad jokes aren't your thing, you need to be following Statler and Waldorf for hilarious old people jokes.

    We tried that new #FaceApp filter on Waldorf’s phone, but instead of making us look older, it melted the phone… This happen to anyone else?

    6. You need to follow Ernie if you're that roommate who loves messing with the other.

    Hey ya Bert! I tried that new app that matches your face to a painting. It looks just like you! @bertsesame

    7. And you need to follow Bert if you're that roommate who's constantly being messed with.

    Ernie!!!! I am trying to sleep!

    8. You need to follow Elmo because he loves you just as much as Tony Stark does.

    9. And you need to follow Abby Cadabby if you're as big of a Mean Girls fan as she is.

    I'm not a regular fairy, I'm a coooool fairy! #October3rd

    10. You need to follow Rizzo to see what life is like as a rat, including stories, thoughts, and earth-shattering ideas.

    Here's a million dollar idea: Dessert burritos! C'mon, we already got breakfast burritos, lunch/dinner burritos, there's only one vital meal missing before we can have burritos 24/7!

    11. You need to follow the Electric Mayhem simply because you need to know what's going on with the greatest band in the world.

    You ever notice how great everyone sounds singing in the shower? That's why we're recording our next album in a shower! The Shampoo Sessions. Better make it acoustic, or this'll be our most shocking disc ever. –– Floyd

    12. You need to be following Gonzo for some grade-A puns.

    I've finally started working on my autobiography! It's the riveting tale of my car's life from conveyor belt to driving down the road with me at the wheel.

    13. You need to follow Scooter if you want to see into the titillating world of a Hollywood assistant.

    In my experience, the best way to get your coworkers' attention is by bringing in free donuts. I mix up the donuts: some are jelly-filled and the rest are "important form I need completed" filled. #tricky

    14. You need to follow Big Bird because he always posts wholesome pictures and his 8-foot yellow body will always brighten up your feed.

    Look who came to visit me on my road trip - my cousin Abelardo! We’re off to find the best birdseed milkshake in LA... stay tuned! #ThisIsMyStreet

    15. You need to follow Uncle Deadly if you like highly opinionated creatures who love the theatre.

    What's the scariest thing you've ever seen? For me, it was the rise of bell bottoms as a must-have fashion accessory. I shudder at the thought!!

    16. You need to follow Kermit because he's going to be the most earnest person on your feed.

    It's tough being a frog in Hollywood. Whenever they shoot in front of a green screen, all you can see are my eyeballs!

    17. You need to follow Miss Piggy because she's the only fashion and lifestyle influencer that actually matters.

    FINALLY! 2019 has been declared #YearOfThePig. Can vous believe it... a whole year all about moi!! To celebrate, here's a moi for every month just for vous. Kissy, kissy!

    18. You need to follow Grover because other adorably naive Twitter users are hard to come by.

    I do not know why my eggplant did not grow. I planted the egg in June!

    19. Finally, you need to follow the Count, for no other reason but the fact that he uses Twitter solely to count, and I respect that.

    Count von Count / Via Twitter: @CountVonCount