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Celebrities Are Again Under Scrutiny For Their Private Jet Usage, So Let's See How Far You Can Get Using The Same Amount Of CO2 Emissions

I, in no way, would actually want to take the trips in this quiz because they are so long, but it puts into perspective how a short private plane ride can contribute so much more CO2 than a commercial flight.

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Recently, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have again come under scrutiny for the use of their private jets, this time because they seemingly both left around the same time from Miami to Van Nuys on separate jets, with each trip emitting around 25 tons of carbon dioxide.

According to NOAA, adding carbon dioxide into the atmosphere supercharges the greenhouse effect and contributes to the escalating temperature of our planet.

Private jets emit 1.96 tons more carbon dioxide per hour than commercial airliners, so we're going to test how far you can actually go emitting 25 tons of CO2. Below is a quiz where you're required to travel the world.

Each leg's carbon emissions in the quiz are calculated using the Flight Emissions Calculator on Your job is to try and emit more by flying in a commercial economy cabin (around the world) than the 25 tons Kylie Jenner's single flight from Miami to Van Nuys emitted on her private plane. Ready?