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24 Painfully Accurate Jokes For Floridians About Floridians

What even is Florida?

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1. On hurricanes:

Nickelodeon / rawanhoops / Via Twitter: @RawanHoops

2. On our adventurous side:

maltymcfry / Via

3. On time travel:


4. On the population:

morefloridamemes / Via Facebook: morefloridamemes

5. On the heat:

Nickelodeon / Via

6. On observing wildlife:

7. On alligators literally everywhere:

guy / Via

8. On parking in the summer:

jmattcorbin / Via Twitter: @jmattcorbin

9. And driving in the summer:

msannamaeee / Via Twitter: @msannamaeee

10. On weather:

barefoot_baby_ / Via Twitter: @Barefoot_Baby_

11. On traffic:

Nickelodeon / tenderntough / Via Twitter: @tenderNtough

12. On seasons:

theautospotjax / Via Twitter: @TheAutoSpotJax

13. On holidays:

14. On responses to, "You're so lucky you always get to go to the beach!":

Nickelodeon / anuscosgrove / Via Twitter: @anuscosgrove

15. On our favorite pastime:

Nightlifetampa / Via Twitter: @NightlifeTampa

16. On childhood:

olivianowa / Via Twitter: @olivianowa

17. On the state bird:

fangirlingviolently / Via

18. On our favorite scent:

belchspeak / Via Twitter: @BelchSpeak

19. On our hard-hitting news:

20. On sporting events:

21. On exercise:

Disney / liberatedemma / Via Twitter: @LiberatedEmma

22. On the white crap that covers our windshields:

HBO / floridathings / Via Twitter: @floridathings

23. On shopping:

alicebarnousky / Via

24. Finally, on our life cycles:

wundernerd / Via

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