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It's So Cold That People Are Freezing Bubbles And They're Fucking Hypnotic

Elsa, is that you?

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This is the wind chill in the United States and Canada right now, and it's safe to say that the weather is pretty effing cold.

Mapbox / Via

Normally, this is where I would start gloating because it's sunny and warm where I am. However, people in these chilling temperatures are FREEZING BUBBLES and it looks cool as hell.

What else is there to do when it is minus 25 another go about frozen bubbles. #sask #exploresask #bubbles #frozen…

skstormchaser / Via Twitter: @Skstormchaser

So now I'm jealous because I want to blow awesome bubbles that'll freeze.

With #BubbleMadness trending today, here's a still from this morning. Freezing Bubbles Pro Tip: Bubbles seem to fr…

ratzlaff / Via Twitter: @ratzlaff

They have made me realize what Elsa was saying when she was talking about her frozen fractals.

#BubbleMadness is trending. #FrozenBubbles at 35 Below. Hnausa, Manitoba @ColleenCTV #Skywatch Weather pic of the d…

tameinarson / Via Twitter: @TamEinarson

And, not only can you see the frost growing on the bubbles, but you can blow the frozen bubbles away, which is equally as cool.

Thought I would try something different this time when blowing Frozen bubbles #winter #frozen #bubble #backlit…

skstormchaser / Via Twitter: @Skstormchaser

People are even doctoring their own bubble juice blends to get the perfect frozen bubble aesthetic.

More freezing of bubbles. Now, better lighting and corn syrup has been added to my mixture of dish soap and salt (h…

ratzlaff / Via Twitter: @ratzlaff

The results are amazing.

skstormchaser / Via Twitter: @Skstormchaser

If you're somewhere chillier than 12 degrees Fahrenheit (which is around the freezing point of soap), you can take part in this fractal science magic, too.

Bubbles freezing is just incredible. I cannot stop watching. @abc13houston

collinmyers_ / Via Twitter: @CollinMyers_

This is your chance to channel your inner ice queen. Go forth with your freezing powers and ~let it go~.


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