How To Play Pyramid Scheme (Updated: Try Our New 15-Puzzle Pack For Free)

    Our in-depth guide on how to play BuzzFeed's new daily word game!

    Welcome to this in-depth guide on how to play BuzzFeed's new word game, Pyramid Scheme. By the end of this, you'll be a Pyramid Scheme master, so let's get to it!

    captain america with text that reads, so you want to play pyramid scheme

    In each Pyramid Scheme puzzle, you'll see 15 letters. These letters can be connected to each other as long as they're direct neighbors horizontally or diagonally.

    String letters together to make words.

    Words can be hidden in the puzzle forwards or backward, horizontally and diagonally.

    Every letter must be used to solve the puzzle.

    arrow pointing at two letters with text, uh oh these can't be part of a word no since "tomato" blocks them off. time to rework

    And though you may be able to find multiple words...

    ...there is only ONE combination of words that will solve it by using every letter.

    Once you think you've found a word that's a puzzle solution, click the little check mark at the bottom of the puzzle.

    arrow pointing to the checkmark

    Toggle Expert Mode OFF if you want to work one word at a time to get the solution. Auto-check will immediately tell you if the word you found is part of the solution.

    For an added challenge, toggle Expert Mode ON if you want to try to solve the whole puzzle first, then submit it to be checked (like a super fun worksheet!).

    And if you're looking for a bit of help (hey, we've all been stuck once or twice), hit the new HINT button! It will appear after the 1 minute mark and will reveal the FIRST LETTER of the a word.

    But BEWARE! You'll receive a 30 second penalty every time you use a hint.

    Words must be at least three letters long. That means each puzzle can have two to five words hidden in it. We won't hide one 15-letter word in the puzzle because we think that would be mean.

    Words that are abbreviations, acronyms, proper nouns, or plurals that end in "S" will never be part of the correct solution.

    definitions of the words

    And all words will be dictionary-verified words, so don't expect to find "vibranium" or "klingon" hidden in the puzzle.

    OK, when can I play

    A new Pyramid Scheme puzzle is available every day. Once you solve the day's puzzle, you'll have to wait until the next morning to get a new one.

    Or, if you've got time to kill in addition to our daily puzzle, try out our puzzle pack: 15 themed puzzles you can play for free immediately and whenever you want.

    Some puzzles are more challenging than others, so if at first you don't succeed, be sure to try again the next day!

    And if you're like, "Meh, maybe I shouldn't try today," consider this your vaguely threatening Duolingo-style warning: you better. Otherwise, you'll lose your streak 🙃.

    max streak and current streak

    And that's it! Check out today's Pyramid Scheme here. Happy solving, you magnificent brainiac!