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    Here's What 14 People Who Went Viral Look Like Now

    The "I like turtles" kid is a grown-up!

    1. Chris Crocker from "Leave Britney Alone":

    2. The kids from "Charlie Bit My Finger":

    3. Rebecca Black from "Friday":

    4. David from "David After Dentist":

    5. Tay Zonday from "Chocolate Rain":

    6. The little kid from the "Linda, Honey" video:

    7. Antoine Dodson from "The Bed Intruder Song":

    8. The lady that did that review of the Chewbacca Mask:

    9. The guy who performed in "Evolution of Dance":

    10. Psy from "Gangnam Style":

    11. The guy from the "Afro Ninja" video:

    12. The star of "Numa Numa":

    13. Alex from Target:

    14. The "I Like Turtles" kid: