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    Updated on May 6, 2019. Posted on May 4, 2019

    17 Totally Odd Facts That You'll Never Forget

    Broccoli was invented by humans!!!!!

    1. Over 50% of pilots have admitted to falling asleep mid-flight.

    Aureliy / Getty Images

    And of these pilots, 29% said that when they woke up, their copilot was asleep as well.

    2. Bamboo isn't a tree.

    Blew_i / Getty Images

    It's a very tall species of grass.

    3. If you hold in your farts long enough, the gas can be re-absorbed and come out of your mouth.

    Brillianteye / Getty Images

    The best way to deal with gas is to expel it.

    4. Cocktails were invented so the fruit juice could mask the taste of dead animals in bootleg liquor.

    Marianvejcik / Getty Images

    To recreate some signature spirit flavors like bourbon, bootleggers would add dead rats or rotten meat to moonshine.

    5. The Great Wall of China has withstood the test of time so well because sticky rice was mixed in with the mortar during construction.

    Axz66 / Getty Images

    Some parts of the wall are fused together so well that weeds can't even penetrate through them.

    6. The oldest "yo' mama" joke is over 3,500 years old and chiseled on a Babylonian tablet.

    Ben-bryant / Getty Images

    However, it is incomplete.

    7. The popcorn you buy at a movie theater is sold at a 1275% markup.

    Jacob Ammentorp Lund / Getty Images

    You're not getting a great deal on soft drinks, either.

    8. Teflon (the inside of most frying pans) is currently the only surface that scientists know geckos can't stick to.

    Sergeka / Getty Images

    Ants can't either!

    9. Orca mothers try to set up their adult sons with lady orcas because they want grandchildren.

    Markmalleson / Getty Images

    Scientists think that the reason orca mothers live so much longer than their reproductive years is to look after their offspring.

    10. The alphabet used to have 32 letters.

    Neville Mountford-hoare / Getty Images

    Among the six that eventually got phased out were letters that made "ash" and "oi" sounds.

    11. The color of tennis balls is officially considered "yellow."

    Rasslava / Getty Images

    Although 52% of people think that they look more green.

    12. Mount Everest's peak is made of marine limestone, which means that it was once part of the sea floor.

    Danielprudek / Getty Images

    About 470 million years ago, the tallest peak in the world was underwater.

    13. While we're on the subject of Mount Everest, it has over 20,000 pounds of human excrement on it.

    Kapulya / Getty Images

    The Nepalese government requires hikers to bring 8 kg of trash down during their descent.

    14. Popeye was based off of a real person.

    Paramount PIctures

    His name was Frank "Rocky" Fiegel and he apparently had the Popeye-esque muscles.

    15. Homework used to be considered controversial and was banned in California in 1901.

    Perfectlab / Getty Images

    Some argued that it made students "weak, wan, and nervous."

    16. The last time all human beings have been together on Earth was November 2, 2000.

    Raspirator / Getty Images

    Since then, the International Space Station has been continuously occupied.

    17. And broccoli was invented by humans, not by nature.

    Serena Williamson / Getty Images

    Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are also man-made, too.

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