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23 Employees Shared Their Dirtiest Company Secrets And I Am Not OK

"The food on a supermarket deli counter is often stuff that's gone or about to go past its best before date."

Recently, we found out dirty secrets from employees about their professions that nobody else knew. They were so juicy that when others confessed, we couldn't help but share.


1. Why I can't go into swimming pools anymore:

"When someone shits in the pool, we only evacuate it for a short period of time and maybe add some extra chlorine with a bucket to give the illusion we are doing something."

Campbell Elmer

2. Why I can't sleep at hotels anymore:

"I worked at a very high-end hotel, and we had time limits of how long each room could be cleaned. It was nasty. I lost my job because I took too long cleaning everything correctly."


3. And why I can't drink at hotels anymore:

"Never use glasses provided in hotel rooms, especially the bathrooms. I've seen those get 'cleaned' with the same rag that cleans the toilet and sink."



4. Why I regret every time I've ever been in a drive-thru:

"Whenever you are at a fast food drive-thru, we hear everything. As long as you are in the censor, our microphones are open. We listen to your phone conversations, music, and your asshole comments."


5. Why wedding dresses all of a sudden gross me out:

"I used to work at a large national chain of bridal stores and the wedding dresses you're trying on are never washed. We would try to spot clean if a bride got makeup or a build-up of deodorant inside, but they smelled like BO and dirt."


6. Why I don't want anyone to apply my makeup for me:

"I worked for a huge makeup company for 10 years and I know that A LOT of my fellow artists did not thoroughly clean their brushes in-between their makeup appointments."


Dimension Films

7. Why I don't want to eat at movie theaters anymore – Part I:

"At large theater chains, they usually haves a pipe system for water and ice. Roaches love that pipe system. Basically, it wasn’t uncommon to find roaches in the ice.

Also the nacho cheese is really gross, not just because of what it’s made of but because no one ever cleans the machine. People will literally quit before having to clean it, or it gets a half-ass cleaning."


8. Why I won't eat at movie theaters anymore – Part II:

"I work at a movie theater. Everyone sticks their hands in the bin of unpopped popcorn kernels and plays around with it. Everyone also grabs handfuls of cooked popcorn straight out of the popcorn machine. Odds are, if you get popcorn at the theater, someone probably touched it with their bare hands before you."


9. Why I won't eat at a movie theater anymore – Part III:

"Movie theaters place leftover popcorn in large storage containers, or garbage bags at the end of the night, then mix it in with fresh popcorn the next day. I did it for over a year."



10. Why I don't trust deli counters anymore:

"The food on a supermarket deli counter is often stuff that's gone or about to go past its best before date."


11. Why I won't get a pick-me-up on the airplane:

"As a flight attendant, my only advice is to never order coffee, tea, or anything with ice in it. The water container is never cleaned. We only use bottled water when you ask us for water, not for coffee and tea."


12. Why I'm only going to buy that cotton underwear that comes in a bag:

"I worked for a very large lingerie company. When we would get returned underwear, you'd think they'd just get damaged out because nobody knows if they were really worn, but they don't. We put them right back out on the floor."



13. Why I'm always going to pack my UV flashlight:

"My husband worked at a famous hotel chain and the employees had sex in the rooms. They would do it on top of the beds and then just straighten them afterwards."


14. Why I'm going to start smuggling hot dogs under my baseball cap:

"I worked for an arena concession stand. The hot dogs and buns were from the same grocery store you got yours from. Everything else was from Costco. We just charged you for something you could make at home."


15. Why I'm going to start bringing my own dye to a hair salon:

"Professional hair color at a salon costs the salon around $6 a tube. That $40 product actually costs $10 to anyone who had a license. Salons are huge cash cows because the products are actually so cheap."


Paramount Pictures

16. Why free supermarket samples are forever ruined for me:

"When I worked at an 'upscale' supermarket, we repurposed meat and seafood about to spoil or expire by either cooking it as customer samples or marinating/seasoning it as 'new' product."

Meli Alexander

17. Why I'm never telling my lawyer anything:

"When talking to a lawyer, be very careful about questions probing your income. Lawyers will absolutely charge you thousands of dollars more if they can figure out you have plenty of money laying around, all for the same services and time afforded to clients paying significantly less."

Noah Moss

18. Why I can't order "the special" anymore:

"I serve tables at a fairly nice steakhouse, and many times the 'specials' you hear are not from the chef. They’re just a steak or piece of seafood with as many pricey add-ons the server could think of."



19. Why I can't enjoy a nice Swiss roll anymore:

"I worked in a factory that made off-brand Swiss rolls for different stores. If a package of Swiss rolls got smashed or just didn't look right, they would get put in a bin, get unwrapped, and get dumped in a big trash can to be reused in the batter again."


20. Why chicken wings will never be the same to me:

"I worked at a sports bar and we would regularly find chicken heads or other weird parts of the chicken with the wings. Chicken wings are forever ruined for me because of the things I’ve found while working there."



21. Why I have trust issues – Part I:

"Recruitment agency worker here: The guys here offer non-existent jobs to desperate people looking for work. Each day they call and say 'there's been a delay with the start date' to keep them hanging on until they actually find them work."

Charlie M B Armley

22. Why I have trust issues – Part II:

"I won't say where I worked, but if you call a company that doesn't use a call center, and are a pain to deal with, we remember your name when it pops up and will purposefully not answer your call, keep you on hold for a long time, and generally dick you around."


23. And finally, why I have trust issues – Part III:

"A lot of luxury designer leather goods are made in the same places as lesser brands. Also, most designer brands strive for 80% or more of a profit margin, so that $1,000 bag you just bought cost $200 or less to make."


Do you have any dirty laundry to air about your job? Dish with us in the Dropbox below!

Paramount Pictures

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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