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    18 Moving Tips That Are 110% Genius, Cheap, And Simple

    Whether it's to a dorm or a mansion, save yourself the headache with these hacks!

    1. Use a cardboard toilet paper tube to secure posters without having that awful crease where a rubber band would be.

    2. Color coordinate your boxes with packing tape.

    Moving Tip #28: Give each room a different color tape so boxes are easier to identify. Tweet your tips @LetsMoveLLC.

    3. Fill holes in your wall from nails with white soap.

    Moving hack that saves time and money! Fill in the nail holes in your old apartment with a bar of soap.

    4. Use a well-placed toothpick to find the starting point of your tape easily.

    Moving Hack: Shipping tape is a sticky mess. Use a toothpick to mark where to peel will make taping boxes less of a chore. You're welcome.

    5. If you don't want to drag a box across the ground but don't have a dolly, use a skateboard.

    6. Add some extra cushion to candles (and breakables) by wrapping them in scarves.

    Moving tip: pack your candles in scarves instead of newspaper. Your candles will he protected and your scarves will smell amazing!

    7. Make a moving caddy with supplies like rolls of tape, box cutters, labels, and markers so you have an easy place to find the things you need.

    Moving tip! Put together all of the things you need for packing in a basket! This way you can carry it around with you and have everything at your fingertips. You might want to include: tape, labels, scissors, Sharpies, a screw driver, baggies, a utility knife. #TuesdayTips

    8. Cut handles in your boxes to make them easier to lift.

    9. Use stuffed animals to cushion other items in boxes, so things don't shuffle, tangle, and break.

    The majority of my library in boxes. Makes me a little weepy. Moving tip: use stuffed animals to minimize movement

    10. Instead of constantly opening the door with your hands full, keep it open with a rubber band.

    #College Move-In #Hack: Use a rubber band to keep doors from shutting (but not left wide open) when moving in.

    11. If you can't get your hands on boxes, you can use paper bags from the dollar store to move small items.

    12. If you're disassembling furniture, keep track of the little pieces you need to put it back together by sticking them all in styrofoam or cardboard.

    13. Keep your clothes from falling off of their hangers by attaching a garbage bag to them. It's also easier to hang them in your new place this way.

    14. Keep your jewelry from tangling with Press 'N Seal wrap!

    Monday moving tip: Use Press ‘N Seal to keep your jewelry intact and untangled!

    15. Pack small items in larger ones like crockpots and large bowls to save space.

    Moivng Tip #5: PACKING FOR THE BIG MOVE HACK: When packing small items, you'll find that they will quickly take up more space than you expect. Fill larger items like a crockpot with small things like spices or even medication to better utilize the space.

    16. Use a suitcase to carry books since they're heavy and it's sturdier than a cardboard box.

    So I came across a packing hack for moving books... it says to put your books in a suitcase that way it doesn't tear easily AND has wheels!! I'm livid!! I've been moving my books the wrong way this whole time!!! And like 97% of my clothes fit in my book box.

    17. If you're looking for boxes, try your local grocery store. Banana boxes are good because they're used to carry heavy items.

    Life hack: your local grocery will most likely be able to give you leftover banana boxes that you can use to move

    18. Finally, safely pack your sharp knives and scissors by wrapping them with a pad so you don't hurt yourself loading or unloading them!

    Life hack!!! Best way to pack sharp kitchen knives? BEFORE & AFTER: