47 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Life Oh So Much Easier

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    Moving is TOUGH and we aren't here to deny it — we're here to help. Below is a list of moving tips and tricks to make your next move go more smoothly than ever. You got this!

    1. Pack your tools in an easily accessible place because you'll probably need them right away.

    2. Write everything on the side of the box, like a mini spreadsheet.

    3. Splurge on good tape — and don't be afraid to use a lot of it — to ensure that your things are safe and secure during the move.

    4. Use colored tape to quickly identify where each box belongs.

    cardboard box with duct tape on the side

    5. Make sure to keep your sentimental, valuable, and important objects/documents with you during the move.

    @mayasworld Sentimental and valuable objects. Don't trust anyone with a single bag or box with your whole life in it. Keep them along with your certificates, documents, heirlooms and photographs safe and with you throughout the move. Also prepare an emergency bag, essentials and first aid.

    Twitter: @KevinDonnellySY

    6. Pre-cook, then pack a bunch of frozen meals into a cooler so you can put off grocery shopping for a while without blowing a bunch of money on takeout.

    7. Tight on space? Use vacuum sealed bags.

    @mayasworld Vacuum sealed bags are a huge space saver! Purge what you can now - shred papers, donate, etc. Before buying boxes, check out retail stores to see if they have any they plan on throwing out/recycling.

    Twitter: @HunniB_Rose

    8. Stack your heavier items in a rolling suitcase.

    Travel suitcase isolated on white background

    9. Number each box so you can inventory the contents in each.

    10. Take photos of electronic wiring so it's not quite as confusing as it was the first time around.

    A bundle of wires

    11. Use packing as an opportunity to throw shit out.

    12. Make a to-do list for friends or family members who are willing to help out.

    13. Cut handles out of the sides of any heavy boxes, to make picking them up a lot easier.

    Man lifting moving boxes at new home

    14. Put plastic wrap between the bottle and the screw top so you can hold onto opened toiletries without risking a leak.

    15. In the week or two leading up to the move, try and do a little bit every night.

    Family of three is moving in or out of a room in an apartment or a house

    16. Wrap breakables in socks, bedsheets, and towels to cut bubble wrap out of your list of expenses.

    17. Deconstruct your bed the night before.

    18. Once you're moved in, put your bed back together first so you can just conk out whenever you're too exhausted to keep going.

    19. And keep all of your cords in toilet paper rolls so you don't have to add "untangle wires" to the to-do list.

    20. Change your address a couple days before you move.

    21. Before you pack anything, put together an overnight bag of essentials.

    22. If you have a car, load it up with as much stuff as you can in the days leading up to the move.

    23. Make sure gas and electricity is already set up for your new place.

    24. Label. Everything.

    25. If you're a renter, and your current place needs to be cleaned before you leave, make sure you have the landlord supply a checklist for what you need to do.

    26. Make sure you buy the higher-quality garbage bags.

    27. If you're getting rid of furniture, try selling it on a website, in a community Facebook group, or organize a curbside residential pickup.

    28. Also, remember to defrost your fridge the day/night before.

    29. Buy garment bags for your clothes.

    30. Or, leave your clothes on the hangers and then put a trash bag around them for an easier move.

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    31. Visit supermarket stores later at night and ask for boxes. Or, visit major department stores or other retail shops.

    32. If you forget things easily, write a list.

    33. Get partitioned boxes from liquor stores so you can easily pack your glassware.

    @mayasworld For glassware, liquor stores have strong partitioned boxes that they will give away. But sometimes only on a specific day.

    Twitter: @SuzPageWrites

    34. If you're using movers, organize them at least a week in advance.

    35. To avoid heavy boxes, fill the box halfway with heavy items and then the rest with something light, like a pillow.

    @mayasworld If you have a lot of books or other heavy items, fill boxes with them only halfway, and then fill the rest of the space with something light like pillows or sweaters.

    Twitter: @ScenicOakland

    36. Use some yarn to make removing the tape on boxes WAY easier.

    37. You can use tape to signal which areas of your home are already packed and empty.

    38. You know those giant blue bags you get from Ikea? Store 'em and use 'em.

    39. Use plastic cling wrap to keep things all together, like your furniture with drawers.

    @mayasworld The plastic cling wrap stuff is a life saver! Wrap it around furniture with drawers, on edges of mirrors or anything you want to keep together.

    Twitter: @zybrittany

    40. To make sure you don't scratch your floors, you can use products like "Moving Men" to help assist you.

    41. Carry your wrapping paper in a garment bag so you can bring it all with you without crushing it in the process.

    42. Get a few different-sized boxes so you can pack heavy items in the small ones and light items in the larger ones.

    43. Pack dishes on their sides to keep them safe and to fit a few more in the box.

    44. "Utilize existing real estate space."

    @mayasworld Use socks to wrap glasses. Put spices or small food items in crockpot, blender, etc. “utilize existing real estate space” Garbage bags for clothes (use hair ties to corral the hangers). Towels in between dishes or breakable. Clothes to wrap round vases, fragile

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    45. Take pictures or videos of the place you're moving out of and moving into for your records.

    46. Tape the bag of small parts to the furniture so nothing gets lost in the process.

    47. Finally, be kind to yourself because moving is A LOT.

    @mayasworld Hire movers, label your boxes and put them in the correct room once you move in, and finally (mostly importantly) don't judge yourself when you are still living out of boxes for several months after you move it. It happens to the best of us lol

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    This post contains content from Emily Shwake, Tahlia Pritchard, and Casey Rackham. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.