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This Simulation Will Reveal Which Dog Breed You Are

Sit. Stay. Now take this quiz.

Welcome to the life of a dog! Are you ready?

  1. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

  2. The humans are up! You run to their hands for pets, and now they're letting you outside! Choose a place on the lawn to pee:

  3. Choose a place to poop that a human will 100% accidentally step in:

  4. Choose something to chase while you're out there:

  5. Whoa! You spent a lot of energy outside. Choose something to eat out of the trash to fuel up:

  6. Delicious! Your toy box catches your eye. What are you going to play with?

  7. Your human is calling you! It's time for love!!! Which kinds of pets are your favorite?

  8. Time for dinner! Choose the shape of food you like the best:

  9. During your afternoon walk, you have to stop and smell the...

  10. It looks like the humans made themselves a snack! Maybe, if you stare at them long enough, they'll give you a piece of their...

  11. What a fun day! It's time for snoozes. Where are you going to go to sleep?

  12. Finally, what is it that your little puppy head is dreaming about?

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