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    17 Crazy Facts About You That You Didn't Even Know

    Knowing I'm capable of lifting a car increases my confidence by, like, 400%.

    1. If you flick your nipple, it will become hard in seven seconds.

    Catchlights_sg / Getty Images

    Try it.

    2. Your body contains enough chlorine to disinfect five swimming pools.

    Slonme / Getty Images

    It also contains enough carbon to make 9,000 pencils.

    3. Your heartbeat will sync to the rhythm of the music that you're listening to.

    Avector / Getty Images, Maxshot / Getty Images

    A study showed that crescendos led to a temporary increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which went back down during the decrescendo.

    4. And you produce enough saliva in your lifetime to fill two swimming pools.

    Kuramyndra / Getty Images

    The consistency of said swimming pools would be different from person to person.

    5. Combined, a full head of hair is strong enough to support the weight of two elephants without breaking.

    Chokja / Getty Images

    That's 12 tons.

    6. Your sneeze travels as fast as a race car.

    Peopleimages / Getty Images, Ehstock / Getty Images

    It launches out of you at 100 miles per hour.

    7. Bacteria in your body outnumber people on the earth 4:1.

    Bet_noire / Getty Images

    We have over 30 trillion bacteria on our body at any given time.

    8. Your teeth are as strong as shark teeth.

    Violetastock / Getty Images

    The only reason we have to use knives and sharks don't is because of the shape of our teeth, not their durability.

    9. Dirty hair can improve air quality.

    Softulka / Getty Images

    The oil from your scalp can absorb air pollutants.

    10. You have way more than five senses.

    Sudowoodo / Getty Images

    In addition to sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste, you also have proprioception, thermoception, nociception, temporal perception, and equilibrioception, which are the sense of space, sense of temperature, sense of pain, sense of time, and sense of balance respectively.

    11. You make more earwax when you're stressed or anxious.

    Vladimirfloyd / Getty Images

    And sometimes wearing earbud headphones clogs it up.

    12. It's impossible to tickle yourself.

    Jeremkin / Getty Images

    Your body predicts it.

    13. You share over 50% of your genes with bananas.

    Chubarovy / Getty Images

    You also share over 50% of your genes with chickens.

    14. 300 million cells die on your body every minute.

    Benjamin Toth / Getty Images

    Its OK, because you have 50–100 trillion cells to work with.

    15. The entire surface of your skin is replaced nearly once a month.

    Delmaine Donson / Getty Images

    That means you shed 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells per day.

    16. Enough adrenaline can give you super strength, like the ability to lift a car.

    Dragana991 / Getty Images

    Aside from helping your muscles, it also heightens recollection and increases respiration.

    17. You're bioluminescent.

    Duncanl / Getty Images

    That's right, you glow. The light just isn't perceptible to the human eye.

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