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18 Cities That Are Straight-Up Living In 3018

When will my city get cheese vending machines??

1. This city has a spot in front of the police station for people to meet someone from Craigslist.

2. This city has umbrellas over its park benches for when a day in the park turns into an unexpected shower.

3. This city has manhole covers that double as maps, so you can just look down if you're lost.

4. This city has a bridge for wildlife to safely cross the highway.

5. This city has traffic lights that count down the amount of time until they turn green.

6. This city has a miniature-sized town to teach kiddos about how to stay safe on the roads.

7. This city has USB charging ports on its busses.

8. This city has a designated ramp for people to easily get bikes up and down stairs.

9. This city's police cars also look like taxi cabs to remind drunk drivers it's one or the other.

10. This city has a communal bookcase for people to take and leave books at their leisure.

11. This city has a self-service bicycle repair stand.

12. This city's park has a swing for people in a wheelchair.

13. This city has bike cops with free helmets to give to riders without one.

14. This city has receptacles that encourage people to throw out their used cigarettes by voting in a poll.

15. This city has a machine where you can exchange recyclables for food and water that a stray dog can eat.

16. This city has a lane for people who are afraid of heights to cross the bridge.

17. This city has cheese vending machines. CHEESE VENDING MACHINES.

18. And finally, this city uses happy little delivery robots to deliver your takeout order.

H/T r/mildlyinteresting