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If You Can't Name More Than 176 Disney Characters, Don't Even Bother With This Quiz

It's simultaneously easier and harder than you think.

Many moons ago (JK, like, two years), I made this quiz. It's a simple task: Name as many Disney characters as you can in seven minutes.


The comments were overwhelmed with people posting their scores. Some were more believable than others.

Several users calling out another player's score of 703/811 as impossible

So, I decided a bit of healthy competition was in order. This is Slothlover_023. They were able to name 176 Disney characters in the time limit.


My question is...can you beat them?

user Narwhal3281: 51/811 wow I thought I got a lot and then I read all of your scores, user foxyfoxfox: I know same

Try out the quiz below and, to keep it fair to Slothlover_023, this quiz has not been updated since it was originally posted (aka, there are no characters from movies released after Ralph Breaks the Internet).

How many Disney Characters Can You Name?
Disney / Audrey Worboys / BuzzFeed

Just to let you know, these are only animated characters from Disney Animation Studios and Pixar full-length feature films with a theatrical release. If you try to type in Figment or Launchpad McQuack, you're going to have a bad time. Good luck!

I WANT PROOF. If you beat 176, screenshot your score and put it in the comments. Will you wear the new Ultimate Disney Character Naming crown?