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    16 British Tumblr Posts That Roast America So Hard, You'll Want To Dump Your Tea Out

    Is it just because we don't eat beans on toast???

    1. When they called us out for not using random U's in our words:

    yaotomejr / Via

    2. When they labeled us as the problem child:

    amejizutoproductions / Via

    3. When they pointed out our flaws in constructive criticism:

    renfamous / Via

    4. When their tags were more heated than their actual post:

    gxldslvgs / Via

    5. When they went there....oooooh they went there:

    6. When they acted like putting tea in the microwave is just as bad as throwing it in the harbor:

    thesassylorax / Via

    7. When they insulted the life-blood of the American school games:

    fingersareoptional / Via

    8. When we tried to patronize them but they fired back:

    assbutt-from-gallifrey / Via

    9. When they proved we were still under their control:

    themathmusician / Via

    10. When they came up with the best, most specific insult:

    d-o-llf-a-ce / Via

    11. When they opted for a better accent that sounded more high class:

    tyleroakley / Via

    12. When they called us "pee-brained eagle fuckers":

    http://givedeanwinchesterhispie / Via

    13. When they obviously weren't feeling grilled inside:

    aladywholayswithmaidens / Via

    14. When they got New Zealand to gang up on us about our taxes:

    fingersareoptional / Via

    15. When they simply just wondered why we are the way that we are:

    cloaga / Via

    16. And finally, when we had to calm them down the only way we knew how:

    snorlaxatives / Via

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