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    17 Boyfriends Who Are So, So, So, So Unbelievably Wrong

    *deep breaths*

    1. This boyfriend, I sincerely hope, got a brain freeze because he deserved it.

    stellar_eyebrows / Via

    2. This boyfriend has failed to understand the many mystical functions of the "wallet."

    Amieklnz / Via

    3. This boyfriend woke up in the morning and made a conscious decision to do this.

    minnesotaisdope / Via

    4. This boyfriend has created a boulder much scarier than the one that chased Indiana Jones.

    cripplednarwhal / Via

    5. This boyfriend obviously put his groceries away by shooting them into the cupboard with a t-shirt cannon.

    lellielellelelle / Via

    6. This boyfriend should've immediately exited the kitchen...

    reddoggo996 / Via

    7. ...And he should've taken this boyfriend with him.

    fobwwegirl / Via

    8. This boyfriend had a 50/50 shot at opening the right end and still messed it up.

    AlexisCollins / Via

    9. This boyfriend wasn't technically wrong, but has made me angry nonetheless.

    meredith_ks / Via

    10. This boyfriend was about a 30 degree rotation from doing the right thing.

    HandlesThings / Via

    11. This boyfriend didn't understand that it's literally perforated so you can tear them in a straight line.

    zly_wplyw / Via

    12. This boyfriend caused irreversible harm to a poor Kit-Kat.

    JasmineDragon22 / Via

    13. And this boyfriend caused irreversible harm to a poor sandwich.

    livingwithrobots / Via

    14. This boyfriend apparently liked to season his butter with that old stale fridge flavor.

    How_you_like_meow / Via

    15. This boyfriend should've watched a YouTube tutorial before attempting to open his silverware.

    allisonprice / Via

    16. This boyfriend committed a true crime against fashion.

    lost_inthewoods / Via

    17. And this boyfriend just wanted to watch the world burn.

    AmieKlnz / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinfuriating

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